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Play as an Artform?

Updated: Jun 29, 2023

Jason C. Brown is a Creative Movement Coach and yes, he insists that play is an artform.

He teaches: a moving body is a learning body. In his Creative Movement Live workshops everyone moves with everyone...And often times it's the fine motor control work that people need/want the most. And, as a teacher, artist, and leader,

Jason tries to get the creative process moving, step aside, and give it a chance to find its own way.

You can say that Jason's vocation is to re-instill passion and romance into our connection with movement and play, to make movement and ability our primary aim, over appearance and ego, and to let joy, pleasure and excitement be our main motivations and inspirations.

Jason is co-host of the R3 Retreat this year! #awesome In this Art of Play workshop, we'll embrace physical expression. build strong community through movement, play and re-creation. Jason will help teach us to practice strength and meaningful movement in our everyday lives. And speaking from personal experience, this workshop is FUN! When is the last time you could say that about a wellness or fitness class?

Jason will also be leading an Art of Walking tour from Mauch Chunk Lake through the D&L Trail where we will stop and meditate and draw what we see or what our imagination sees in nature. It's going to be a spectacular weekend of fun and community. Please join us! xoxo - Michelle Gallagher Check out Jason's webpage and get a free guide to deepen your physical practice here:

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