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Winterfest Yoga Tickets Pre-$ale

Winterfest was & is designed to get people up and out of the house to beat the winter blues or blahs or whatever you like to call it. Because.....winter is hard!

and omg winter is long!

But it's great to come out of our shells & be with like minded individuals to make what our hearts and our bodies need - connection!

So with that in mind, we are doing another round of Winterfest Yoga with the incomparable Stacey Valdez of Fairy Moon Yoga! Something cool - everyone gets JERKY! from House of Jerky. And if you're vegetarian for vegan you can LMK and get your choice of mushroom or vegan jerky. Here's a link to tickets and for you, yes YOU here's a code for $5 off FAIRYMOON



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