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Winterfest 2024 Behind the Scenes

How can one possibly follow up the 30th Annual Winterfest that was so off the charts. Coming from the music biz, it's hard to do a sophomore album. Truly. But I'm here for it! This week we'll drop tickets for the Winterfest Yoga class Saturday February 17th, 10am @The Mauch Chunk Museum with Stacey Valdez of Fairy Moon Yoga. I'm excited because last year this part of Winterfest was so much fun and so needed!

Speaking of, music & movement is going to be a big part of this year's event again - a DJ in Josiah White Park (aka town square), An ELO tribute band at the Mauch Chunk Opera house to shake your grove thang & the luminary walk/mug walk are designed to inspire people to get out of their house, out of the winter blahs and into the fresh air, connecting with each other and taking in the sights. And interesting thing about Winterfest is that it's taken off like wildfire online. Personally, I've only ever had one social media post with over 350 likes/shares and that was a photo of me & the cast of Veronica Mars! But whoa! Winterfest posts are viral and it's fun & scary. I've gotten hundreds of vendor requests from people/places/magicians/food trucks I've never heard of which is all fine and good but then there are the scammers - soliciting vendors online. I can only hope that no one gives them money and tried my hardest to do due diligence with a Scam alert, naming the profiles and deleting/blocking their comments, etc. Girl, it's an energetic drag. Yeesh. I am/ The Jim Thorpe Tourism Agency is NOT soliciting vendors so here we all are. The mugs are designed and ordered and will go on sale in a week or two. I'm pretty excited about the shape, color and ...yeah! Just the look of them is really cool. Stay tuned. Right now, I'm curating family warming stations, designing experiences within them to make the whole family feel included. If anyone knows of anyone with a spin wheel LMK, it's on my list of HOLY F let's make a winter carnival <3 .... Finally, I'm excited to include all the artists and spots you can find local art in town in the mugwalk program. I think our artists are overlooked and want to make sure that there is a light shown on them. Want to come play with me weekend of? I'd love if you volunteered with me. Ok, that's the update, that's all I got for today. Lots and lots and lots of love, Michelle

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