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This gift is the very best gift.

Last year I thought that I'd be a better gift giver.

And shit I was. I was a damn good gift giver. Oh and thank you cards. I'm super big on the thank you cards too. I put a lot of thought into the buying and the writing of the things. But alas, after all that's transpired in 2023, the gifts and the giving the lesson I learned is that the best present ever to give or receive in my humble opinion is being fully present in a moment of TIME.

S0 yes, so very cliche maybe. But the best gift is the gift of time however I would like to add with your full attention poured into it. You know it! Not interrupted by a text or a tweet or overzealous thoughts of what you're going to say /do next while someone else is actually speaking.

Just being present. Showing up fully - all of you in a MOMENT.

On the other end of this - when people are asking for your time in a phone call or text or email and not responding within a day or two well, that is a particular use of time that's....interesting to say the least. Isn't it?

Pardon the digression.

Giving full expression of yourself in connection to mark or make an occasion is special. It's something to me now that is so very precious. Loosing friends, loosing my father I will never get the opportunity to listen, laugh, to love in this 3D realm of TIME. It's not about things. It's about moments. Being all in, in all of them.

In 2024, I very much hope to spend more quality time with you.

I'm working on a very witchy calendar of events unlike the gatherings we've previously indulged in and made quite the festivities.

This years events will lean in on old traditions and ask you to help make and indulge in new ones too. Stay tuned. All will be revealed in good time.

Wishing you nothing but love for yourself and all the special loved ones in your life. Merry everything my loves. And cheers to a glorious new year.



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