Your Intuition is Your Superpower.


A revered intuitive, teacher of esoterica and Kundalini Yogi,
Michelle Gallagher connects to the realm of the infinite to inspire deep change and healing. Through an expansive self explorative journey weaving physical movement, mantra, sacred conversation, and spiritual ritual, you will ascend into life altering transformation.


From private virtual sessions, to group classes, retreats, meditation, and divination techniques - spiritual devotion and self evolution are at the heart of her methodology; Venus Rising.

With Michelle's loving guidance, be prepared to transcend energetic blocks & elevate your own brand of personal magic.


"I use my supernatural gifts to teach you how to trust your own guides & intuition."

- Michelle Gallagher

(Devi Ananda Kaur) 
Intuitive, Esoteric & 
Kundalini Yoga Teacher

"Esoteric Adventure really helped me understand how to harness my power as a spiritual being. This is a journey that cannot be taken in a few weeks and the class provides the tools you need to go deeper.
The live online classes were full of great information and guidance. It was so fun to connect with other classmates and talk about their journeys while working on your own.

Coursework and homework were challenging but Michelle was there offering guidance and support the whole time.

I'd recommend this class to anyone looking to sharpen their intuition and wanting to connect to the bigger picture!" 


- Stephanie Allentown, PA.

"Michelle has a calmness that actually radiates. During our session I  could feel a type of energy I've never experienced before. I felt comfortable opening up to her about things I don't normally share with people in my life. And as I asked certain things, it was as if she already knew what I was going to say, and she got exactly where I was coming from. Having Michelle in my life is a huge gift and proof that universe really does have my back."                    


-Amos Mac, Photographer, Editor, Publisher

Original Plumbing Magazine

Los Angeles, CA

"Life hands us lessons when we least expect it. Most of us will question everything we believe in. Some of us will be lucky enough to find out who we are and where we are going. I am blessed to have crossed paths with a special friend. Michelle, thank you for your wisdom and for giving me something to believe in!" 

-Alice Roberti Phillips

Roberti & Roberti Law Firm


Work With Me 



A supernatural podcast with Michelle Gallagher


One on One Sessions

Soul Coaching

Move in the direction of temporary and long term goals in business, relationships or your next creative endeavor. Virtual video sessions include tools to take with you including breath work, mantras & meditative practices. 


60 minutes / $100
4 sessions $350


Are you an intuitive or empath who could use a guide to  learn to trust yourself when messages come?  Do you have an issue with energetic boundaries? Are you a light worker or healer who needs to bump up your business game? I've got the chops to help you use your divine discernment and attract soul clients.. 

                                     30 minutes / $70  or  4 sessions / $200

Psychic Celestial Energy Session

Do you need guidance on a particular event or issue? Angels, Spirit Guides & ancestral energies are invited to illuminate blocks or offer healing for you to step into your highest, authentic self.  

Sessions are provided through virtual video.

35-40 minutes / $75

Soul Yoga & Meditation  

Experience the power of movement, breath & mantra based in the Kundalini tradition to expand your vibrancy, Change patterns that are no longer serving you. Live your best possible life. There's no time like now.
It's the miracle you've been praying for.

Ignite your energy. 
Slay your addictions. 
Say F You to old patterns.
Let your intuition SOAR!

Wednesdays 6pm 



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