"I use my supernatural gifts to elevate your souls most needed healing." - Michelle 


Michelle’s powerful, heart -centered prayers are sought after as refuge because they strike a chord resonating love from the divine in our material realm. She reminds you that there is light in the darkness. 

In service, Michelle's intention is to include you in the opportunity to see and make miracles not just for yourself but for the happiness & healing of the collective and our planet.

Walking between worlds for more than a decade, Michelle is recognized for her work as a spirit medium, Universal Minister, organizer, and soul activist. She founded The White Light Army & Venus Rising, teaches esoterica, yoga & meditation. She holds a certificate of religious literacy from Harvard and studied with numerous, internationally, well  known spiritual teachers. Her work in all realms has made a profound impact on people all over the world.


Using intuitive wisdom, reverence, and ancient practices, Michelle will task your ancestors, Angels & multidimensional guides to alleviate your personal blocks,  making room for more light and healing in your life. As someone who understands the metaphysics of devotion, she knows how to become the vessel to amplify your heart's call.  Allow Michelle to aid you in creating sacred daily call or ritual for quantum changes in your life. When you heal, you heal the world.


A portion of your payment will support Clean Water Fund and RAICES


Sacred Possibilities

PRAYER: a petition to the Divine, spiritual communion or a soul to soul conversation with ancestors, angels, with God, The Universe, Source. Prayer is using words, song, mantras your actions, your breath to elevate a situation, an event, a person's health or wellness.
Prayer with Michelle is sacred possibility across all time, space, dimension and realities.  

Illuminated Rock

The Moon lodges are based on the ancient healing of the Red Tent, infused with Aquarian Age technology for the pressure of our time. They are a necessary call for community amidst the pressurization of chaos & anxiety on our planet.

Move, meditate, pray with like minded women, where we will learn through the cosmos to take care of ourselves and each other.  



October  30th   


A supernatural podcast
with Michelle Gallagher

Yoga at Home

A Mighty Petition                                  $100
 20 min. virtual prayer assessment 

1 hour prayer devoted to & for you.
Energy Audit & Daily ritual suggestion
Prayer candle poured and curated just for you. 

Sacred Devotional                                $200
20 min. virtual prayer assessment 
2 hour prayer devoted to & for you.
Energy Audit & Daily ritual suggestion
Prayer candle poured, and curated just for you.
Crystal programmed with your prayer. 

Manifestation                                  $444
20 min. virtual prayer assessment
1 hour prayer  - 7x days a week (7 hours)

Energy Audit & Daily ritual suggestion
Prayer candle poured and curated just for you.
Crystal programmed with your prayer. 

1x virtual Yoga & meditation pass


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