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Witch Vote!

A Witch votes for a person or party who does not oppress or depress a certain group of people or those people's right to vote. A Witch votes to uphold the right to vote for all people of every color, creed, orientation and identification - the good of all, not just a select few. A Witch votes to maintain FREEDOM OF RELIGION.

A Witch votes for a person or party who supports reproductive rights and +all+ rights and freedoms of women and LGBTQIA. A Witch votes to protect children from excessive ownership, easy sales & public use of semiautomatic guns. A Witch votes for the future not the "again" consciousness or the past.

A Witch votes in tandem with science & evolution. A Witch votes for all people's right to deserve clean, free water, food access, shelter and autonomy.

A Witch knows that the only Q to be aligned at the polling booth is Quantum Physics not an internet cult spewing hatred and calling for violence in opposition to any of the aforementioned points.

A Witch votes with Jesus' consciousness not the stuff white "Christian" men put on him in the name of religion, money and war because A Witch knows Jesus would not have persecuted her, but the men who held her and those demonized as "other" under their thumbs. A Witch votes against patriarchal capitalism, hate speech, violence and hate in all forms. A Witch votes.

Cast your spell, whoops I mean your vote like the Good Witch You ARE.

See you at the polls.

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