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Today's Channeled Message:

When is the last time you willed a person out of your life for your safety? Or perhaps also the safety of your family?

Maybe you did what you could to avoid them at first but you were their mission and they were relentless no matter what - to connect with their target — you— your energy— your vibe?

Or it was unidentifiable at first but the switch flipped boom.

When is the last time someone trolled you online, or in reality? And what about in their head- and all of that was so obvious the first time you met, that you did what you could to keep that unaligned vibration, that energetic being- whose energy distorts in an unfamiliar and unpleasant way in your presence... away from you...

And your loved ones...

Should I go on?

I see you & I know what you are going through.

If you’re caught up in a time loop with a low vibe or straight up demonic presence,

it is imperative to wield your power back in the safest, most humble way out

as -quickly- as- possible to save your life.

Don’t let them anyone tell you it’s all in your head or you're anxious.

Don’t be gaslit.

We are running out of time.

Do not be afraid. I go before you and I am with you.

Your safety, mental, spiritual and physical 👏well being 👏is 👏everything.👏

You are more powerful & valuable than you know.

I see you and I love you. Stay safe.


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Strength and sovereignty to you.

Me gusta

That is so my life right now.

Me gusta

I am so happy and grateful to be at your service. 💋

Me gusta

I get so excited when i see an email from you "pop up"! Thank you Michelle! You have changed the way that i think and feel.

Me gusta
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