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This weeks Tarot Reading

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Your creative energy flows heavily now. How best will you express it? Will you snap up the downloads & turn them into something, or let someone else bring it to fruition? Pssssst. Your reality is entirely up to you! Keep an open and curious mind. Be open to anything & you'll discover new aspects of life and yourself. Open yourself to all possibilities, especially those of a creative or intuitive nature. Be ready to explore the magic of your fullest potential. The Page of Cups invites you to embrace your inner child and believe: anything is possible. Consider taking a new art class. Read books about how to express your feelings, or learn more about developing your psychic abilities. As dreamy aspirations race through your mind, you may find yourself moved by simple things. Let your feelings show and wear your heart on your sleeve. (I believe humanity depends on it).

Trust your intuition. Be open to the multitude of intuitive messages coming your way. Look for synchronicities, for signs from nature they are being placed to guide you on your path. Please note: your signs may come from unexpected places, or not even make sense to your rational mind; be open to the possibility and ready to discover new aspects of yourself. It is like following ‘intuitive breadcrumbs’ – one intuitive clue leads you to the next thing, and the next, and the next. Before you know it, you've found yourself in a place of full alignment, happiness and bliss. YES THIS IS POSSIBLE IN A GLOBAL CRISIS. All by trusting your intuition & going with the flow.

You may receive a message related to the emotions, intuition, or creative endeavors ie; news of a baby, an engagement, a new fling, or project. Be ready to receive when the moment comes.

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My friends, we're all changing rapidly now , whether we want to or not. We're moving into the second half of our spiritual ascension of 2020 ushered in by The Lions Gate Portal 7/26-8/12. It's imperative to pay attention to the synchronicities within your life as the reading above mentioned but I also will implore you in this moment to pay deep mind to your physical body, to trust and rely on it's own intuition and listen to it carefully as we navigate rapid spiritual change in the midst of a global pandemic. Kathrine Ann Lee wrote about physical symptoms of awakening before our global crisis but words couldn't be more truer for this moment. And many of us are experiencing mysterious pings & pangs in our body that may or may not be Covid related. So use your bodies intuition to see you through and if you need to see a Dr or Naturopath or both, do it. I'm liking the article here.

For those of us who have been in tune with other world energies or deeply empathic for quite some time, we are actually more susceptible to spiritual symptoms showing up physically for us. Please treat your symptoms, your body as if you were a superhero who needed much super attention. Light workers, the wisdom of your body will allow you to stay present for what's happening, big picture - for all of us. Wishing you well in this incredible earth time. XO - M

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