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This weeks reading.

This weeks message is a powerful one: take time out to rest and recharge your energy. (After you vote if you haven't already of course). You may be working long hours, giving your time and energy to others in need, or involved in a highly stressful undertaking. But the truth is you're close to exhaustion, and your energy reserves are running low or on empty. If you do not slow down or stop and take some much-needed rest now, you may crash and burn-out completely, rendering yourself completely ineffective and unable to help anyone. And, when your run down, your immune system is vulnerable and we all know what that could me in the midst of a global pandemic back on the uptick.

Do what you can to withdraw from the fray of the external world, and retreat within. You may be restless and experiencing severe anxiety and with that this card, (since I pulled it reversed) encourages that NOW is time for a social media detox, a weekend escape, or a silent retreat so that you can focus your energy within and find your peace once again. Use daily meditation to calm your mind.

The collective consciousness is restless. In turn, you being the beautiful empath you are, can feel it. Meaning even if your body is telling you to rest and/or relax, your monkey mind is on, trying to carry out a long list of tasks and making you sick or stressed as a result. Translation: it's vital you force yourself to take it easy as radical self care to make sure you do not run yourself into the ground. Some ‘busy time’ is OK but be careful not to push it so far that you end up hurting your health and well-being. If you need to rest, rest. Even a quick ‘ cat nap’ or a twenty-minute meditation each day can help to re-balance your energy reserves and get you ready for even more productivity.


SUNDAY NOV 8th. Via Zoom.

This workshop is worth your investment. Learn to reach across the table to family members, coworkers, friends and neighbors who don't share the same thoughts as you via the election, spirituality, QAnon, BLM, or anything else that has been polarizing to us. As spiritual seekers & practitioners, it's imperative to stay present and not spiritually bypass or continue to ghost out on people & relationships because of negative vibes. $50 SIGN UP HERE.

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Michelle's Magic Camo Whether you need to keep your head down in your work place, or your neighborhood, if your nosy neighbors are being extra, right now if you just need to fall back and not be so noticed try this work on for size. You can infuse a crystal or piece of jewelry with the following incantation or you can simply, go outside, look at the face of the moon and summons Selene, the Greek Goddess of the Moon.

Selene, Great Goddess above, Shine blessings down on me from up on high protect my privacy from those who wish me harm This magic takes effect as I finish this charm. And it is so.

I know this week is going to be tough for a lot of people and I want you to know that my head and my heart are with you.



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