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This weeks reading.

Be strategic in what you do - all that you do. You cannot do everything at once – nor should you. Instead, prioritize what’s important. Direct your focus and attention on the few tasks that will move you closer to your goals. Use the 80-20 rule: 20% of your work will account for 80% of your results, so focus on the 20%. You may be able to accept some responsibilities or duties, but not all of them.

The Seven of Swords also suggests that you may need to use shortcuts to get what you want. Rather than dutifully following the process, find ways to resolve your problem quickly so you can move towards your goals. The energy of this card commands you to put yourself first, even if it means letting others down or putting others off-side. You can’t be everything to everyone, and sometimes you need to put your own needs and priorities first, even if others may not agree or understand where you're coming from.

Finally, are you trying to escape from a situation that is not working for you anymore rather than dealing with it head-on? You may attempt to run away from commitment, responsibility, hard work or even You may procrastinate, letting problems slip and become worse because you do not want to deal with them. Sometimes you just have to face what has to be faced. Work through it, transmute it -be the magic I know you can be love. + + + F**K IT YOGA - DAY/TIME CHANGE. Thursday, 10,22 7pm.

Friday 10/30. Full Moon Circle.

Samhain. New Year. All Hallows eve.

Luna Sub Rosa meets! Bring your crystals, wands, blankets, flashlights. I'll provide candlelight.

Kemmermer park, 6pm. $25 RSVP -

FINALLY, if you've been wanting to be attuned in Reiki, my dearest friend Christina Nicole is doing an online immersion, Hands of Love and registration is now. If you've been toying with the idea, or wondering if it's for you - THIS IS YOUR SIGN. For more information on this incredible course and opportunity, please click here.

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