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This weeks reading.

Updated: Sep 13, 2020

How can you rise up & embrace a

higher level of consciousness for the service of your own Highest Good & humanity's highest good... off line? We are all experiencing a spiritual awakening - we've been for some time. Things have ramped up even more now. There's so many shadows coming to the surface and we're realizing that we are in need of deep healing and that we are all destined for so much more. This is truly our cosmic up-levelling! But not all of us are on the same frequency and soul's call. Some of us are ready to act, or have acted in a manner that doesn't shine more light but instead ushers in more division and violence. JUDGEMENT ONLINE: It's imperative now more than ever to step back from biased AI algorithms that only point us to more sites, memes or talking heads that are in rhythm of our own likes and clicks (because they AI is programmed to give us exactly what we are already looking for). That's precisely what Artificial Intelligence was programmed to do according people who created social media and search engines such as Facebook, Google, Instagram and Pinterest. And yes, they never intended it to divide us to the degree we are now... stated in retrospect... those engines and platforms were intended to connect people (globally) while extending the global financial marketplace. But, these platforms have been infiltrated malicious players and with disinformation that have segregated us, dehumanized us and caused us commit harm against each other emotionally, spiritually and physically. And when we are always directed to the things we like, by not tuning into any opposing or alternative view, or by us deleting or blocking people or sources of info that do not click with our POV - we leave out a broader, multi-dimensional perspective - and we step further away from oneness and keeping us separate from our higher power, our higher selves and making peace in our consciousness and the world in which we live unattainable. How then do we tune into a higher frequency? OFFLINE? We must break these addictive patterns. We must deal with our own fears & shadows. We must step with the intention that as we heal, we heal the world around us too (The Butterfly Effect). We must let go of tribalism, and the version of our selves that keeps us from loving "other" and step into this newest version of we are and can be - a peaceful and happy people - all across the globe. This is everyone's birth right.

The Judgement card indicates a life-changing decision, requiring intuition & intellect. Standing at a crossroads, aware that any choice you make will bring a significant change with long-lasting effects. You must - we must - tune in to the Higher Self, ask for unbiased judgement to know you are on the right path. If you still need clarity on the situation, look to your past and life lessons to guide you (off the internet).

Judgement pops up in a reading when we are about to reach a significant stage our journey and ladies and gentlemen, we are at a significant stage now both nationally and globally. Have we reviewed and evaluated our past experiences (history) & learned from them? All the pieces of the puzzle of life are coming together to form one, unified picture of a greater story. This integration can heal deep wounds, enable absolution, clear any wrongdoings or regrets, and release guilt or sadness to set us free. This purging process can leave you/us refreshed and ready to take on any new challenges to save ourselves from ourselves.

If you need support, find comfort in sharing your struggles with others within a group environment with those who have experienced something similar (regarding your personal shadow work) & can show you the way to freedom from our individual troubles. Ask for help. It's ok that you need help. We can help each other in order to - rise together. At the beginning and end of the day we are all in this together. We are all one. + + + + +++


+ Channeled Messages

On August 21st, 2017 The Great American Solar Eclipse took place. I didn't know it was called that until I googled the date this am. On this day, I sat at our local lake - and meditated with crystals in tow. What I saw .. civil war. It was hard to share this message publicly so I only told a few close to me. Since then, I've turned inward to clean up my shadows & assist my family to do the same. Noticing the shadows in others were scaring me. So I also got involved in "light politics" pushing Marianne Williamson's presidential campaign off the ground. Things on the outside keep churning. You know the majority of what comes next. Fast forward to now. The world is burning in the midst of a real, live, global pandemic. We are at each other's throats, less than fifty days from the U.S. Elections and the only weapon that truly matters now is moving from a place of love. In the past few months, I know you've been questioning everything. I have been too. It's crucial. Some have dubbed this "The great awakening, the culling or reckoning." Yet despite any label and being exhausted from it all - I am scared yet hopeful. I am scared that the worst is on the horizon, yet I find hope in our collective healing. There is hope in people coming together, but it's something we can achieve off the social platforms created in aforementioned in the reading above because we are being directed to self isolate/create inner or outer harm and hate even more through AI. In the tragedies that are currently erupting offline, in the fires, in the souls of covid's departed and in the wake of more weather and politically driven violence to come, in all of these shadows I can see hope. Hope that we will no longer want to live severed from reality, from the systems that have been oppressing us, from ourselves or each other. I am finding a glimpse of hope that we will come together and overcome. If you are a "light worker", (psychic medium, astrologer, yoga teacher or healer) and you're reposting divisive Q videos, political meme's, blue lives matter vs. BLM posts without opening up space for a multidimensional conversation or a shift in those discussions I'm going to politely ask you - what the hell for? Are you doing it truly from a place of love -for- all or are you trying to bring attention to your brand and business and make your mark? Are you trying to prove something to yourself or to your clients so that you don't loose their business? Or are you trying to find yourself some kind of footing in a disconnected space because you've actually lost yourself in this mess too? What is it that you truly value now? My values have shifted dramatically. I am no longer a liberal or a democrat. I am no longer a "recovered republican". I am a human being for the advancement of all mankind for the good of all. This is inclusivity may be futuristic but it inherintely means everyone has a seat at the table with the intention that those at the table are not looking to capitalize for selfish gain or purposes - that they are truly looking for the same - the best advancement of the human race in deep rooted peace, harmony and love from this day forward.

Today I am wishing you peace, peace and more peace both on and offline- > M.

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