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Stretch, Stretch, Stretch, ....Stretch IT OUT.

I don't have to tell you how amazing yoga is for your mind, body and soul. But I will tell you that I'm so proud that this year TRIBE YOGA is the co-sponsor for R3, Retreat.

In case you don't know the instructors presenting at this years Summer retreat I wanted to introduce you.

Stacy Hein is certified in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin and Kundalini. She trains teachers at very her own yoga haven that's she's Creator and Director of - Tribe Yoga in Foglesville. Stacy is a beacon for students and seekers of all ages and abilities. She is gentle yet fierce, astoundingly knowledgable yet still humble enough to be a student herself. Stacy's classes are relaxing and sometimes otherworldly. But those are my words from practicing with her. I'd ask that you experience a class for yourself at one of her classes at Tribe or come to the summer retreat to share outside magical space on the deck at The High Street Guest House.

We'll also be stretching and bending with Christina Eve Fenon Christina is a gentle and powerful yogini, who teaches aerial and vinyasa yoga.

Christina knows first hand how yoga provides relief from anxiety and depression. She obtained her teaching certification in Thailand. Christina believes everyone deserves to feel at home in their bodies, to feel at home on this earth, and to feel inspired to live their lives fully. You can spend time with her on the mat Mondays at Tribe Yoga. ​Check out her blog:

Buy a yoga only pass, a day passes or get a VIP pass to the entire weekend of events here.

Questions? Feel free to give a shout

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