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Retrieving Those Lost in Fantasy

Illusions of fantasy sometimes have the ability to protect us. Other times they can motivate us and/or give us a way to create hope when it may not be available or accessible to us. But fantasy not based in reality or fantasy that has tentacles in harm is dangerous.

Regardless of what kind of fantasy- it is best consumed in moderation, lest it can become a very, deadly poison.

If someone you love has become obsessed with something that is far fetched, to the point of neglecting friends, family and their daily lives, try this small, white -light - energetic intervention.

In the brightest light you can find, stand with their picture and his/her/their name written on slip of paper (or the back of the photo), stored in a box. Open the box so that it is filled with the light, as the light is surrounding your loved one, sprinkle coffee grounds or and sea salt over the items while using this incantation: Wake UP!

Wake Up! Come back to us. Open the ears of your heart and hear us making a fuss. We need you in our 3D reality. We need you hear and now.

Hear us calling. Hear us now. We love you. You are loved.

We love you. You are loved.

We love you. You are loved. Keep the box open and put it in your sacred space/altar and light a candle in front of it and keep this prayer on hand for as long as you feel necessary.

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