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Peace Powder

If you've been following current events for the last four years, it seems as if conflict is inevitable. Conflict however can lead to positive change if it is resolved peacefully. To assist non-violently in your own life, so that conflicts you are having end without aggression (and for the good of all), you can make peace powder. You'll need: Chamomile (you can empty a tea bag) Rose petals (I have extra if you're local) Lavender, Jasmine blossoms Thyme, Sage,

Lemon balm (or catnip). Muddle the ingredients as small as you possible can. If you don't have a mortar & pestle, use a coffee bean grinder, food processor or your hands. You want to make the mix into a fine powder. Put the powder in a white cloth bag or small bottle and charge it with the following incantation: Calm the tension

Cool the fight Everything for the good of all will turn out right Open our hearts

Clear our minds The best solution in love we will find. You can substitute essential oils for the above listed ingredients and make this into a tension releasing infusion for your air purifier or burn all of the herbs as an incense while using the incarnation (to yourself or aloud) as well. All my love,


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