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Meet Taryn, our R3 Sound Healer & Tarot reader.

Vetting people who would be a good fit for group events is important. For me, it's not about hiring whoever is available or has a desire to participate, especially when it comes to energy workers. I've had experiences that have left a bad taste in my mouth and am weary the current wave of yoginis and card readers. I'm also not someone who can be read easily. When someone comes along that says things I know to be aligned with where I'm at it's rare and in turn, I'm happy to lift them up however I can.

If you haven't already, please meet Taryn from Flow Therapeutics. Taryn is a rare gem.

She did a tarot reading for me and didn't flinch, project her fear over my resting bitch face on me or say anything that didn't make sense. And I know how intimidating I can be because people tell me all the damn time. But there was no filler, no BS in our time together and it was very much appreciated. In session and in her personal life, Taryn is sincere and humble. She doesn't brag about her "abilities" and inherently just wants to help others. She's constantly learning and seeking. The combination of all of these beautiful things is a solid gold win for me.

Last year, Taryn brought a healing sound bath to R3. This incredible event was

a game changer. For those who don't know a Sound Bath is a meditative experience where you are bathed in sound waves through instruments that carry a healing frequency. Sound Baths are said to help manage anxiety as they sooth the nervous system. Taryn had a natural rhythm with her crystal bowl set and swinging, singing pyramids. At one point, I opened my eyes to see if a choir of angels joined us because I thought I heard a multitude of voices sing while we lay on our mats. The surrounding forest, wildlife & elementals also responded and yes, I'll say it - it was magical. The deck was covered in giant white light orbs the next morning, totally surreal. Again, these are my words from my own lived experiences, and I invite you, I really want you to immerse yourself in this high vibe opportunity and I'd love your feedback! You can purchase tickets to the Sound Bath Saturday. Day pass or ticket for the entire weekend experience here.

But I also really want you to book a reading with Taryn and get the info and knowledge you may need from the cards and from Taryn as a messenger. This woman does not blow "spiritual smoke" up anyone's ass and I'm ultra-happy to have her bring her genuine, intuitive talent to R3.

You can connect with Taryn now to book a reading before the R3 T Retreat in August through her Facebook page, Flow Therapuetics. Or you can book one through me for the R3 weekend itself to add to the adventure and journey of that weekend. Email me at to RSVP. **Readings not included with event tickets and sold separately**

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