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Let me let you let me go.

This is my favorite Pee Wee Herman quote of all time.

And yes, I just started this blog quoting P dub's. Let me, let you, let ME - Go.

It was something I heard over and over on the deck at the summer retreat this past weekend. So, I giggled at first, then asked for clarity. Dump Facebook.

Uh, ok. But.... Delete unnecessary apps. You're too distracted. Yes, but what about...

Creativity is calling.

Oh..... Ok. got it. Being in nature was the medicine I (shall I say, or WE) needed. Shoes off, savasana, gaze to the moon & stars.

Event goers, being vulnerable with each other, sharing answers aloud in the financial wellness and spirit guide workshops was sublime. The sense of community & wonder both on and off the mat was inspiring. It felt like a unicorn vaccine to the toxic individualism destroying us as a society. And to be really honest, I went into this event thinking it would be the last because there wasn't an overwhelming turnout, and it was crickets up until two days prior. I invested in the chamber of commerce and tourism agency hoping their marketing tools would give R3 some love from local places because I really envisioned this experience to be accessible for people nearby. I posted the F'n shit out of it on social media- multiple accounts.

Crickets. But in the end when it all came down to it - it was the WHO that showed up & how they participated not how they got there - that made R3 the magical elixir that it ended up being and I'm elated. The feedback has my heart yearning to do it yet again.

To have the hosts ask me to come back....(Gasp!) To know that a mother & daughter bonded....

that someone reconnected with source....

There really are no correct words other than THANK YOU. And for me personally, when I wasn't teaching, I really listened. I tuned into the wind (The weather was INCREDIBLE) I listened to the earth, and deep calling within my soul - something I had ignored for the last few months, and I heard...

Let me, let you, let- me- go. It was a confirmation to just duck and cover from the same day to day routines I've been stuck in; the insane, mundane & to let the creativity take over. The Super moon last week nudged us all to stop patterns that were holding us back and release them, so the release fire was provocative and moving for our FM ceremony.

I heard it, now I see it clearly. Let me, let you, let me go. I am so distracted by my phone, by social media and I have serious schadenfreude when it comes to recent news events. For months this device has been keeping me from writing my second novel in a series I started a decade ago, a new one gestating or another short film I've outlined and haven't shot. I have an addiction to being "connected", to knowing, to seeing, to being the first to know.... So, while I'm dropping a line saying hello and say thank you for the love and the LOVE of this past weekend - I'm also saying - goodbye to the ways in which I showed up every day on social media to tell you where and when moon events, meditation or The Witch's High Tea deetz or what the happs with the astrology, moving forward I'll be relying on email only to get the word out and perhaps be going old school with flyers and posters. If you want in - please hit me a line directly - And while you may think this is all a bit extreme or crazy, SM hasn't been or felt like a safe place for a quite some time now. For reasons you for sure already inherently know, I just need to let it all go - so that I can be let go & grow in a way that feels soul appropriate for this moment and place in time. From my humble, grateful heart to yours, ALL MY LOVE ALWAYS


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