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Healing Strength

Sunday is a day of empowerment. Choose empowering colors when you dress, like white, yellow, gold or red. If you're going to spruce up your sacred space or altar today, place yellow and white candles , rosemary and marigolds (if you still have them available). Burn frankincense or sandalwood incense. Ethically sourced palo Santo will also do. When you light your candles, visualize the light and love of the sun flowing through you, filling you with strong, healing light. Imagine channeling this glorious light out from your heart center into the world. Chant: Sunlight heal, sunlight shine, send your strength to me and mine. Repeat this as many times as you feel a shift within. After the candles burn out keep the herbs/flowers on your altar for a while then return them to the earth outside with a blessing. As you do, envision them transferring healing strength to the soil which will in turn spread through out the surrounding land.

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