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GALACTIC HACKS. *This Is Not A Drill*

Welcome to it my lovelies 'eeeeeeee-clipse season.' Until March/April (2022) we're going to witness a cacophony of grand & rapid changes which will be beyond dramatic and life/world altering. A bunch of those happenings will take place in the next 8 weeks. And while I'm no astrologer, my senses are alive with the downloads & info that can be backed up in the happenings upstairs. I felt like 11/11 would be a great day to fly a cosmic flag & share what's up. Here it goes.

Things we'll see in the next 2 months: - A clash between control & freedom, - old vs. new - past vs. future (like themes from 2002 past)

- ugly ass secrets coming to the surface - A sway toward division (of self & other)

- collapse of patriarchal structures - galactic developments

- spiritual transformation


Humanity as harmonious, loving, unity consciousness (which is the polarity of the aforementioned themes)

You may ask yourself, what is even my life right now? You may find your personal values naturally simplify, focusing on the basics of life; love, joy, happiness, and how to make those things sustainable not fleeting. Don't be surprised if growing your own food becomes important.

So our personal assignment or mission now (if we choose to accept it), is to become a master of seeing through and/or beyond the everyday chaos (the personal and collective) and to envision something way better that we want to create. Thus far we've been sharpening our intuition - and by the way, great job! But now, we must step or leap out of any and all victim mentality (in relationships, work, politics) and push ourselves into creator mode. The really great news is, all of this is very relevant to humanity's positive evolution. We've got to tear down the old to bring in the new. In the meantime, me and you on the micro level need to decide which role or part we want to play.

Galactic Hacks till spring 2022 Daydream or journal frequently: in regards to expansive, future visions of freedom and how societies in which we inhabit can operate differently. More clean air, water land? Can you make love the center? Dream big. Draw it or make it into art! Stay Present: an enormous personal life hack for me has been been silently saying "OK, now this is happening" to myself when things go awry as if you know me, they often do! It's working. My coworkers are even starting to adapt this new mantra and they too are saying..."It's working!"

Shift your Frequency: Focusing on outer world stuff and things and it's number of problems is beyond overwhelming (what's your preferred word for ...that?) I know that if I spend more than one news cycle looking beyond things I can control I can feel defeated, powerless even. Every single thing in our lives cascades from our personal frequency. I've truly learned in the last 1.5 years that in terms of frequency/energy we - can only create more of the same from THAT place of frequency/energy so if you make your energy/frequency your focus then that becomes a much simpler way to live day to day.

Be Joy. Be Peace. Express Gratitude & Compassion. Sing. Dance. Raise your joy, raise your frequency. Create art. Play music all day every day instead of the news! In fact, say NO to the news in November if you can. Check out. in your spare time. Love, peace, joy, gratitude and compassion (all of these are for SELF and OTHER) and are fundamental in seeing us through this tumultuous time. Spiritually it is vital that we shift from the mind to the heart, not matter what comes next. This is how we will keep our humanity. When it doubt, breathe it out. You are nothing without your breath. It's that simple. Set an alarm for 3-4 minutes a day to get quiet and just breathe. When you can imagine breathing in and out through your heart. Check in when you wake up. Don't scroll, breathe. Play music, hands over heart and belly, set an intention....inhale, exhale. **WARNING** None of the aforementioned galactic hacks are meant to encourage "toxic positivity". In fact, Fuck toxic positivity. It's part of a bigger problem for another blog. Staying present means listening and making space for what is really in front of you. Feel your feelings. Allow yourself to say "Oh $*i& NOW THIS IS HAPPENING" can help. Being in your feelings no matter what will allow any patterns or shadow work you need to address and heal during this time to bubble up and be done. These are the transformations in the transformational times. Dig? If you need support, get it. Don't be afraid to ask for what you need. has been a loving and great resource for me and they do have financial aid.

Ladies & gentlemen we are now CROSSING our THRESHOLD MOMENT IN THE MOVIE. Be hyper conscious of the role you are playing. Do you have main character vibes, supporting role or are you an NPC? Are you operating from a place of love or fear? Are you clinging on to the past election results (victim mode) or envisioning/building the future? Will you tap into your courage & light to level up to hero vibes? And the question that has personally moved my life into a whole new, amazing direction; What will your legacy be?

WHAT will YOUR legacy be?

What will your LEGACY be?

HAPPY 11/11 PORTAL loves. See the quantum leap and take it. XO - MG

Got any galactic hacks to keep the frequency high minus toxic positivity? email them to * Photo credit - Brittany Murphy, 2002 for NY Times Mag by Jeff Reidel

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