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Full Moon Vibes to deliver us from the underworld & sessions.

Updated: Jul 27, 2021

December 2019. Death as an entity. I told you about her. She walked me through 2020, the shadows, the downloads, the experiential ride of going into the darkness right up to my own death's door and coming out through the other side. Excruciating. Terrifying. Wild. Rebirth. RESPECT.

Heads up. She's still here. She hasn't left. Death is a part of The Dark Mother, who is in fact part of GAIA. She/They are beautiful and necessary and so much a part of life that it's time we get not just in touch with - but also in tune with her.

RESPECT. First things first, shedding fear. All kinds of it. The chords that encapsulate our ego, the fear projected onto us from the outside in, massive deliberate collective waves or simply from our friends and family. Deal with it head on. Using intuition/discernment to weed out what's yours and what's not. Dealing with what is that you need to deal with, going deep and healing the wounds.

Using intuition/discernment to stay fully present and aware in your body -not spiritually bypass any of the patterns or feelings presenting themselves over and over again to you now so that you can become free - from the patterns, the people, the paradigm keeping you from living your best life - the highest form of your happiness in which in turn is in of itself HOLY.

And finally, USING your new found freedom be become a futurist, a visionary that will assist in dreaming up the new world, the one you want to see and who you want to be in it. The HIGHEST version of you. The version of you shows up minus fear, minus worry about outside forces, completely in tune with your body and soul a the same time....not just one vs. the other. And yo, this isn't love and light shit. This is "holy -mother -walk- through the-valley -of- it" and touchdown in transformation through your courage, through your deliberation, through your experience, through all of your pain Death has taught me so well.

So this full moon (tonight, Friday 7/23) is in Aquarius. Our very next full moon is in ....Aquarius. This rare and lovely cosmic occasion is ripe for allowing us to pin point our patterns aforementioned and asking our intuition/discernment, guides, ancestors and the like to help us move through them and perhaps get rid of them in a way that serves our highest selves and the collective for the highest good. So pay attention to what's coming up for you now. How are you being triggered, where and by what/who? How are you feeling inside? What is the story? You're going to see and feel some of this stuff again next month so in the upcoming weeks - ask for help, journal, reach out to those you need to apologize to, end relationships that are dragging you through the muck and invite your highest self to the party. Your vision of the best version of you and the best version of the planet is high, high medicine and we need you now more than ever.

Happy Full moon loves. I'm so happy to be here.

XO - M

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