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My heart is as full as the huge harvest moon y'all. I want to say a big fat thank you for all the Virgo birthday love this past week. I feel and know that I am really lucky to be here with you in this life and moment. I know that things can seem really grim & overwhelming big picture but staying in community and being in gratitude for the things right in front of you keep you plugged you in to the magic and possibilities that this life holds. And if I can be an example of anything, I hope it's that. We've conjured so much goodness together over the years. Let's keep going!

Tomorrow there is a full moon gathering on the deck, 6pm. Join Stacy Hein & I for community. manifestation and some great weather. Let's do some moon salutations and learn how to bring more of the good vibes and juicy stuff using citrine crystals. If you don't have any quartz will do or you can stop by Within Harmony on First St in Lehighton or downtown JT at Gem Thorpe before our time. RSVP via my email or simply Venmo $20 to

@Michelle-Gallagher-18 I'll even through in your 2023 numerology

And because I'm a super happy, grateful Witch today, I'm inviting you The Witches High Tea. $130 for 2 tickets - this weekend only! Seriously. Choose either Teatime 5pm Saturday or Noon Sunday on Halloween weekend. No one leaves empty handed or hungry or without a little hocus pocus in their back pockets. Bingo is going to be a gas! Email l or simply Venmo $130

@Michelle-Gallagher-18 (cut off is 6pm Sunday) <3 <3 <3

Now, I have an ask for fans of Orphic Frequency. What do you want to hear about on season 3? What esoteric subject, what guest? Would you like to be a guest on the show?

Season 3 is in the works, and I'd love for you to be a part of it.

See you Tomorow for the full moon and Sunday for your 3 card pull.

Love to love to love you.

XO - M

KEEP IN TOUCH Listen to Orphic Frequency

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