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2021 Thank You, F.U.

I've been doing the Thank You FU list for quite some time now. A long time actually. I used to encourage clients to do the same - not even at the new year - in any major occasion. Thank you, Fuck YOU? Sure! It's my personal - colorful, snarky take on the year in review, so why stop now? I won't!

As always, I'll start with the F.U.'s for a good eye roll and chuckle.

2021, F.U. for being 2020-2.0

Shove January 6th up your dirty ass.

Take your mounds of 'dis', 'mis' and crazy social platform information and choke on it. For the gestures of hope you ushered in, you equally squashed 'em, often and I don't even need to give the list of reasons why except for; you took away a woman's choice (Fucking Texas) and voters rights and handed out pandemic variants like those chalk hearts no one wants from a valentine.

FU to 2021 & all the people who thought it was super important to put their anti vax views, political, q-ee, q views on me because of my Covid experience from near and far. The me that was terrified of dying alone in the hospital and never seeing my daughter again, thanks you. Deep bow. Addendum - if you and I have talked about why you are not getting the vaccine and it has nothing to do with you voting for this one or being in a cult of personality - we're probably good.

2021 FU to the PST Covid has given me and everyone.

That's all I have. That's all the Fuck you's I have energy for this year without getting too personal and naming names because for as happy as I truly and I mean that - as HAPPY as I am - am I am angry at the above listed and more. I didn't know that it was possible to be happy/angry. It's gosh darn bananas, but it's real.


for HEALING - mind, body and soul - a long, process.

Thank you for my meditation practice & for magic. MY moon & stars!!

Thank you 2021 for allowing me to manifest a feature horror film, 2 shorts, a TV pilot & voice over work in a short amount of time where could & has taken others years to break into the biz and I don't even live in NY or LA! I am so so so grateful.

AND! Thank you for bringing Mark Ruffalo to my doorstep & allowing me to have the best conversation with him & Beth Christman - ever.

Thank you for everything - my daughter - I know you know what I mean.

Thank you for pizza in New York, for Sunday nights with neighbors outside, for deep, rich friendships & new friends. Thank you 2021 for more time outside, for Instacart, and for all of the Marvel-multi-verse. Thank you for a new Wes Anderson movie, the 20+ books I read, the WHALE I saw! TU so much for Orphic Frequency's fun awesome guests, this last season was a scream! And for the 46x five-star reviews the Airbnb I manage got in less than your entire rotation around the sun.

I lean on the above aforementioned to not let the FU's get in the way of my happiness because as my friend Jada says - I don't want to have a "Menty B" (mental breakdown) which I very much, somedays, possibly EVEN TODAY - feel like is really possible in this car crash of a chaotic world we are existing in.

Thank you for spontaneous dance parties and laughter that takes the wind out of me with my husband. Ending on a high note lovers!

So cheers to another one down and a freshie ahead of us. Not sure how fresh it's going to be with some of the same ingredients from the previous loaf....but we'll make the best of 2022 eh?

I love you - still.

Stay happy, healthy and whole friends.

You're worth it.



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