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Nice To Meet You.

HI! I'm Michelle. Welcome to all the new members of Venus Rising! I'm really glad you're here & I'm looking forward to meeting you in person you know IRL or to answering any questions you have regarding upcoming meditation events, the infamous R3 Summer Retreat or Witches High Tea. I like to think of myself as the hostess with the most-ess and for those who know me personally they can attest that community and hospitality are my love language so please feel free to reach out with whatever is on your mind or drop a line to say hello and tell me what brought you here. Bringing people together, creating space in time to break "normie" day to day stuff. having the opportunity to share in beauty, art, laughter & fun is in my bones. My resume of events includes handfuls of retreats in Jim Thorpe, (+NY & Paris!) most recently Jim Thorpe's 30th Annual Winterfest, The Witches High Tea, Moon gatherings, Sound Baths, Meditation events, Peace vigils, dance parties & a murder mystery! I love magick, music & levity and last night, I got a tattoo of a five-legged black cat. Tell me something about you & let's follow each other on Instagram! I hope you're having an amazing day - XOXO MG

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