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With love, my current offering.

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

PRAYER: a petition to the Divine, spiritual communion or a soul to soul conversation with ancestors, angels, your higher self, with God, The Universe, Source.  Prayer is using words, song, mantras and of course your actions, your breath to elevate a situation, an event, a person's health or wellness. Prayer is sacred possibility across all time, space, dimension and realities in love.

Venus RISING. Prayer is love. Prayer is my honor, my way of service to and for you. My intention is to include you in the opportunity to see and make miracles for yourself and for the happiness & healing of the collective and our planet. If you've met me for a session, you know I've walked between realms for more than a decade diligently to be of service to you. However, I've also prayed with women in the Red Tent, The Ma Platform, with voodoo priestesses on The Eve of St. John The Baptist and I lead women in sacred communion under the new and full moon each month. Whether it be in morning twilight hours with women all over the world or in solitude on my knees at the end of the day, this work is love, this work is Aquarian magic. I will now utilize my gifts in all dimensions & in all realities in in prayer. This has made a profound impact on people all over the world and I am excited to offer the same, in service for you. Using intuition, reverence, and ancient practices, I vow to petition your ancestors, Angels & multidimensional guides to alleviate your personal blocks, making room for more light and healing in your life. As someone who understands the metaphysics of devotion, I know what it takes to become the vessel to amplify your heart's call.  Allow me to assist you in creating sacred daily practices or ritual for quantum changes in your life. Take a quantum physic leap with me because When you heal, you heal the world.

A portion of your payment will support Clean Water Fund and RAICES. 

Work With Me  The Moon lodges are based on the ancient healing of the Red Tent, infused with Aquarian Age technology for the pressure of our time. They are a necessary call for community amidst the pressurization of chaos & anxiety on our planet. Move, meditate, pray with like minded women, where we will learn through the cosmos to take care of ourselves and each other.   JOIN US LISTEN TO ORPHIC FREQUENCY  A supernatural podcast with Michelle Gallagher Sign up for free weekly tarot readings & meditations

A Mighty Petition                                  $10

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