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It takes a Winter Village

Where can you see a screening of local film makers from the Jim Thorpe Film Festival? At Jim Thorpe's 30th Annual Winterfest in the Wonderland Ballroom, Saturday February 19th at 3pm. This event along with The Snowball Yoga and Dance Party are designed with the intention of 1) shaking off the winter blahs and 2) to bring the local community together in celebration of this milestone event.

And ok...what is community? A group of people living in the same place ....? A feeling of fellowship with others, as a result of feeling sharing common attitudes? Yes to both. It is my hearts intention for the local Jim Thorpe community - the "mountain" the "heights" the "east side" to realize that beauty and art live and thrive in the very place they also reside, that parking (the main beef) when realized... has alternative options or is not as hard as it seems and that the business community at it's heart has the same goals and values as their fellow residents.

So to encourage and welcome local community members more than ever... there are new additions to The Winterfest festival to encourage the local community to come together and celebrate. One, The Sixth Annual Jim Thorpe Film Festival is coming on as a partner to screen local filmmakers Sunday, February 19th at 3pm at 41 W. Broadway, Jim Thorpe (The Mauch Chunk Ballroom). This event is totally FREE to the public. It's going to be the best shorts from the last five years of the JTIFF. You'll be able to grab a hot cocoa, maybe some popcorn and meet the film makers.

The Snowball, a morning yoga & dance party is also a new addition. These powerful practices that release endorphins & encourage connection it couldn't be more inclusive.

I'm also really kind a stoked that tix for the Mugwalk are almost sold out! Here's a link in case you didn't get yours

Tickets for the Yoga & Dance Snowball are here and as mentioned above

The Jim Thorpe Film festival’s encore screening of local short films is FREE.

Stay up to date on all the event additions and details here:

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