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Explore our town for the best winter experience!
Provided with theme ice sculptures and events.

Be on the look out for participating restaurants Fire and Ice themed drinks and specials.


Winter Wonderland
Mauch Chunk Ballroom
41 W. Broadway

-Family Fun &
Warming Station

Snowball Yoga &
Morning Dance Party
Saturday 2/18 9am
Get Tix Here

Adult & Kid Friendly treats
Games & Lite Shopping

Fight the winter blues with Movement. 


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Sunday, February 19th. 
Join us at the Mauch Chunk Ballroom for some local films.

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Our 70-minute round trip trains will be running Saturday and Sunday during Winterfest. Departures will be at 11am, 1pm, and 3pm.


We also have an excursion train coming to Jim Thorpe from Reading PA. We just started selling tickets which has the potential to consist of 100+ passengers being brought to Jim Thorpe each day. 

Crystal View Carriage Rides

Royalty doesn’t wait in line, and neither should you. 

Roll, and relax like royalty through the quaint streets of Jim Thorpe in a Horse drawn carriage. The professionals at Crystal View Carriage will show you all of downtown's quintessential beauty, set to the regal sounds of hooves clicking on cobblestone.

We’re not saying to pack your top hat and wedding dress for the Fall Foliage Festival, but you wouldn’t look out of place if you did. 

Arrive calm, cool and collected, and leave with SWOON worthy memories (and photos). 

Secure your spot today, your Highness!



Pickup/drop-off: Josiah White Park/Train Station (near Woods Ice Cream)

Best GPS Address: 57 Susquehanna Street, Jim Thorpe PA 18229

HOURS: noon - 5:00pm

RIDE DURATION: approximately 15 minutes

RIDE ROUTE: Susquehanna St, Broadway & Race Street

COST: $60/carriage (comfortably sits four adults, small children can sit on laps)


NOTE: Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled departure.

While the carriage has a roof for light drizzle, substantial inclement weather may delay, postpone or alter the schedule.

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