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On the many roads I've traveled, often in darkness & laden with the dead, some fraught with low entities, other lit with angels (for those, I'm eternally grateful) I've learned a thing or two not just about what it means to be witch but also about the Witch Wound.

In certain circles, the Witch Wound is described as intergenerational trauma, passed down through ancestors; a pain that we hold of a past life where we, were persecuted and hunted for being what people perceived as “witches.” Often it's it's associated with the inexplicable fear of water or fire for reasons tied to the ending of a past life. It can be recognized as or holding back your voice or desire for fear of being persecuted. It is said that when activated, the wound waters down your personal power on many levels. And there's a myriad of ways it can show up for each one of us. Regardless of how it does, it's an incredibly important trauma to be present to and to ultimately heal and clear.

The witch wound is psychic trauma. All women, even if they are witch curious or don't identify (yet) carry thousands of years of disempowerment, invalidation, abuse & death at the hands of a Patriarchal culture which has systematically invalidated feminine gifts such as intuition, emotional intelligence, and healing. The wound is collective and holds us/you back from inner fulfillment, meaningful relationships, beauty, health & wealth- through subconscious shame.

There are some things in terms of this phenomenon not spoken of or written in any article I have found thus far and I'd like to offer a more robust view of how this wound per say can also be triggered on the 3D level. When a witch (identifying, curious, or not yet identifying)- aggressively acts out (mentally, spiritually, physically or emotionally) and perpetuates violence against other witches (or women in general). If a woman stands for or does something that pokes an internal scab and there is a knee jerk reaction of discord and eternal (public or private) damnation that follows ...oh yeah, that's most definitely part of it. The Witch Wound can and will present as jealousy and/or obssession with another's 'spiritual' gifts or lifestyle. It shows itself as as a projection of fear or insecurity in relationship to other women and of course will surface as bullying. Now, the aforementioned also happens with men but I have found women respond to witches in light speed. With men, there is a slight pause unless they are hyper spiritually aware.

I've lived the above over and over again in this lifetime! For years I couldn't make sense of unprovoked attacks from women I'd never met in person. I was confused about specific repeated patterns with women who felt like "sister" until I faced it head on to heal. It wasn't until I learned that one of the responsibilities of holding a magical aura, is that people change or have transformative reactions just by coming in contact with you. These reactions of course can be both positive or negative. It doesn't mean that myself or anyone is less responsible for specific actions but it sure as hell explains a lot especially when chaos energy comes at you from complete strangers.

Finally, the Witch Wound is a mirror - often broken but still reflective. Depending on the size of the shard, will determine the impact of the fractions of the wound that shows up to be honored and dealt.

My advice? Deal with it - head on. I know. That's a lot. Keep reading.

So how can we heal this wound?

+ Doing past life work and meditating upon ancestry for clarity is a great start. +Asking our guides or deities to be clear about the wound and what needs to specifically healed. White supremacy in your lineage? Oppression? Incest? Trauma? Use the eclipse season to phase them out.

+Deep dive into your specific role/responsibility in relationship to other women in your life. Ie; your mother, grandmother, sister - friends, ex- friends, coworkers, bosses, - ME. How do you show up? What have you done, failed to do or have you been accused of in relationship with these people? What are you projecting if anything on them? Are you always the accused or accuser? Are there patterns you carry out with women that you do not carry out with men? What does your closest friend circle truly look like and mean to you? How do you feel when women around you get something you've wished for? Do you actively work to empower the women in your life? What are you doing to empower BIPOC people in your life? How do you treat LGBTQIA? Am I being to much? Last bit I promise....

+ Bend the Light.

Those who seek to only "be in the light" or "be of the light" or repeat that sentiment as the only path to spiritual evolution as a 24-7 mantra are in deep WW. Human life in it's purest form is a cacophony of experience and emotion, the depth and breadth of which words can fail. You and I know it is not all happiness, bliss and light. Disallowing for "other states of being and condescending rhetoric around those states as spiritual teaching is the WW committing an act of violence against self and other and is the highest form of spiritual wounding. Bending the light (praying over it, meditating on it, creating art) to shine on all of life's nuances, light, dark and all the grey matter in between is the highest form of spiritual alchemy and realization. Bending the light transmutes healing across all time, space, dimension and reality.

Why am I writing this? As a complete encouragement to do the work; hold space for and heal your witch wound(s) so that your internal, inherent magic can become more palpable and others will follow in your example. We are in a very powerful cosmic time. We have the power to change everything, within us. Together, with our heads and hearts held at a higher frequency (bend the light!) burning times, inequality, scarcity, the chaos collective will heal along with us and miracles like the oppressions of the patriarchy will be a thing of the past.

Blessed be - M.

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