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Dance With Me.

It's one thing to put on summer yoga retreats in the hometown that you love or host a gathering of Witches for Halloween High Tea. But it's a whole other ball game to coordinate a milestone event for the Jim Thorpe Tourism Agency, the 30th Annual Jim Thorpe Winterfest. I'm so honored! The festival is a lot of work but it's also fun for me to dip into my personal tool kit & pull out some of the experience and know how I used to have to employ during my time in in the music industry. It's also quite the thrill to get to add my own sparkle and bring new & exciting works to the festivities.

The Winterfest celebration heralds live music, train and horse drawn carriage rides, ice sculptures and an annual Mug Walk. But with the event being mid winter and designed to get people out of their homes and "moving" and connecting I wanted to bring more movement and deeper connection. If you know me personally, you know this is my jam - and for me, the ultimate moving and connecting together is dance. Hence an amalgamation of things I'm passionated about - music, community and DANCE - so of we're doing to a morning Yoga-Dance celebration called The Snowball!

PS .....This is the space

The Mauch Chunk Ballroom - home to hundreds of weddings & the Victorian Ball. The owner of the ballroom, Mr. John Drury is a 90 year old avid Dancer! We'll turn this space into a Winter Wonderland. But it's totally BYOM - Bring your own mat.

And. I'm also really excited that

Fairy Moon Yoga's Co Founder Stacey Valdez has signed on to be the one who leads us in this new addition to

Winterfest. And let's drop some love and knowledge about Stacey right here. Her love for yoga has spanned more than 25 years. Fairy Moon Yoga, her brick and mortar, celebrated their two year anniversary October 22nd. And what I love about Stacey is that she's pretty passionate about making yoga accessible to everyone. In addition to being a registered yoga teacher, Stacey is also a certified Reiki Master and loves to bring the healing Reiki aspect to her yoga practice. So check it out, we get to wake up and practice with Stacey, at 9am on Saturday February 18th. Together, we'll get loose, drop in deeply to our bodies then feel our way to and through the music. And to borrow a phrase from my most favorite morning dance party ever, Daybreake (Happy 10th Anniversary!) Reimagine mornings in shared humanity - in community with joy and love. Together, you and I - we make a magic community of joy seekers, of peace keepers. Let's get to it. Tickets to the The Snow Ball are now available HERE. So do me a solid, dance with me. Let's cut a rug and blow off some winter steam. Let's celebrate the things we've just come through and the things we're still going through. Eh?

I hope to see you there. XOXO - MG

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