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For women & the LGBTQ community, it's my mission to help you enhance intuition & psychic abilities and to develop spiritual rituals and practices to keep you safe and empowered.  I also truly love helping you develop your creative process, financial standing and overall wellness.  

As a Universal Minister for more than a decade, I've had the honor & pleasure of marrying dozens of couples and celebrating the birth of many children.

I also facilitate funerals for those who don't want traditional religious ceremonial burials, especially who identify as Neo pagans, pagans and Witches. 

I am passionate about women & LGBTQ empowerment, wellness retreats and creating other pop-up artistic events. 

I'm a constant seeker holding a certificate of Religious Literacy from Harvard. I've mentored with many internationally famous psychic mediums & spiritual teachers. Currently I'm a third year Kabbalah student and consider myself a self-proclaimed Venusian Priestess. 

Inquire about weddings, infant blessings,
funeral rites, empowerment circles, group meditation or spiritual counsel here.

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