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Will there be tickets available for sale in person?

There will be a limited amount of tickets/mugs available. We are trying to keep the sales on line but we will also have in-person sales if we don't sell out. Tickets will be on sale January 25th, 2023. So we can't guarantee in-person sales.
Mug pick ups will be located at Jim Thorpe Visitors Center (2 Susquehanna Street, Jim Thorpe) as early as 10am  Saturday, February 18, mug walk trail destinations and shopping passport. If tickets are available, we cannot guarantee which trail will be available.
Tickets cost $30
 - on-line or in-person / CASH ONLY!

How far is the walk?

We definitely recommend wearing comfortable, warm shoes.
Most of the event takes place in the main Historic District, along Broadway & Race Street.  Depending on which businesses are on your particular trail, the walk can be 1-2 miles total. You'll be stopping in lots of shops and sightseeing along the way.

How quickly can I finish the mug walk?

We hope you will leisurely walk, visit all of our shops, see the sights, and maybe grab a bite. Therefore, we suggest budgeting your time for 3-4 hours.
Don't forget! You can complete your trail(s) on both Saturday AND Sunday!

Where do I park?

Lessen parking hassles by planning on being in town no later than 10:30am.

CARPOOL! If you're coming with other people, we highly recommend meeting up outside of town and driving/parking only ONE VEHICLE.

If you've been to Jim Thorpe, you know parking can be challenging during special events and festivals. A recent ordinance does not allow for any visitor parking along
West Broadway. You will be ticketed ($50) and possibly towed.

SUGGESTED PARKING: the main county parking lot at the Train Station.
GPS 1 Susquehanna Street Jim Thorpe. Kiosk parking is $12 for the day.

Other kiosk parking is available along Susquehanna Street and Broadway.
Kiosks accept payment by cash, credit or debit.


How do I pick up my mug and voucher?

You will need to bring proof of purchase (digital or paper) to the Jim Thorpe Visitor Center
(2 Susquehanna St). Pickup times are Saturday 10am-3:00pm and Sunday 10am-1:00pm.

Advance pickup will NOT be allowed. No shipping will be available!


Which businesses are on each trail?

We like to keep this answer a bit of a surprise. Think of it like a treasure hunt!
There's no wrong trail to choose. Offerings are fair and similar on each trail–some businesses are on both trails!


Can I purchase more than one trail?

YES! This is a fun way to visit all of the participating businesses. If you're coming in a group, consider one or more of each trail for the best possible experience.

Do I have to purchase a ticket for my kids?

Definitely not! We know having this type of family fun can get expensive.
Consider buying one trail for Mom and another for Dad. Kids can tag along and have the experience without the expense!
There’s also some Winter Wonderland fun at the Mauch Chunk Ballroom!

Is this a 21+ event?

This is a family-friendly event, so all ages can enjoy this experience.
If you would like an adult beverage along the way, we suggest visiting our numerous bars and pubs. Also some trail destinations are only 21+ so please make sure you have someone to watch under 
age children and take turns going into those destinations so child is not left unattended. 

WE HOPE YOU HAVE A WONDERFUL TIME. Please consider donating to support this event and those a like to keep the traditions alive.

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