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Ya Down with OBE?

Out of Body Experience. Astral Travel. Let's talk about it.  Listen here. What happened to me during my first OBE?  I'm going to relive the play by play and talk about what you can do - what's possible when you travel outside your body.

Ask Mick G?  Lauren from Philly writes: My mom saw a Ghost Wolf in the middle of the road? Is this her spirit animal? Find out when you listen (here). And for the love of Orpheus, Music! Listen to The Lonely Ghost by Eamon's Clone.   Better yet, listen to the whole album on his website here: It's other worldly & oh so lovely! Thanks Eamon's Clone for letting me share your amazing talent! Hear it here! Got a burning question? Ask MICK G email  - Got music? Send an MP3  to

As always, much love and vote for more Orphic Frequency.  

See you next week <3

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