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Which card calls you?

Take a deep breath. Think of the one thing that you need movement or clarity on in your life right now. Hands over heart if needed. Drop into your whole self. That's it.

Now look at the image below. Which card will point you to the next right step or a little truth bomb in the situation. Ready?


: : Which card called? : :

Let's dive in.

LEFT TO RIGHT,,,, TWO OF TORCHES You are faced with two paths. Do NOT be afraid. Be prepared to face the unknown with determination and direction.

THE UNIVERSE At the end of a long path, the dream is over and it's time for you to wake up. No time for sadness as this is the most wonderful gift. Why? Upon waking, the entire universe is yours to experience & the world is ready for you to join it. You are alive. You are loved. You are welcome.

JUDGEMENT Many have helped you get to this moment. It doesn't matter if some of those who helped you are not present - because each and every person has played a part in you getting to this place. Right now, all connections are being made, and an epiphany is here! Answers are all around you now and divine intervention calls to you, sweetly.

I hope you are safe where ever you are.

I hope that you are happy.

I hope that you are well.

Peace and love,


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