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What a time to be alive.

We are living in the present interpretation of an ancient and holy war. Polarity is demanding sides by the thousands every day, takes names and forms angry mobs, armies. And what is polarity? Light/Dark. Good/Evil. Lightbody/Shadowbody. Birth/death. Binary.

In the in-between, is a safe haven. Being neutral, you will have the capacity to notice both, and use love to harmonize, to weave the common truth together so that freedom for all (yes even you) becomes all - inclusive. Neutral sees all, accepts and affords expanded possibility. Neutral makes forgiveness a sacred option. This is where the light seeps into the dark places, becomes enlightenment and serves for the greater good. Do not mistake apathy for neutral. Apathy has less wiggle room and love barely gets in. But in the face of this ancient and holy war, the light vs. dark. the truth vs. deception, the angry vs. the peaceful, the powerful vs. the poor, the aggressors vs. the victims, predators vs. prey, masculine vs. feminine - where do we, do you find your heart?

Where is your heart?

Where do you find your truth?

Make a list of what you trust. Make an inventory of what you know to be good and true & make it long as you need it to be. Use it as a road map when you feel off kilter. Do you trust in the inherent power of gratitude? Do you trust the weather? Do you trust your love for your friends and family? What do you trust heart and soul as your own gospel? Track your anxiety patterns. For one week, trace them. Write them down & name the trigger where you can. Can you come at these triggers from a place of neutrality and if not could you put your hands over your heart and ask your soul to graciously lead you to that place? When and where you can, meditate. Meditation dissolves the hidden monsters, silences the familiar antagonizers and gives you space from the chaos of the outside and your mind. Consider meditation spiritual hygiene, medicine you need - even if it's 3 minutes a day. What a time to be a live. To be a participant, to bear witness, take care of yourselves friends. Make yourself, your mind your heart and your daily practice an ally for YOU.

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