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I got a lot of really cool shit to share today. I know the world is on fire, but you know how I roll, we'll get through it together. So..... We're getting together. That's it. Plain and simple. It's been too long and I miss your face! Plus we need to push some good vibes out into the morphic field. The August retreat is back. Mark your calendars 8/12-15. Putting the finishing touches on it this weekend and in co-hoots with TRIBE YOGA. Details to come so stay tuned. The Witches Halloween Weekend 10/28-30 at The Dimmick House with the High Witches Tea, crystal bingo & a crystal and witches wear trunk show is on like ....

plus....Meditation on the deck at High Street.....all summer.....OOOOOOOOOOHHHMM.

& big, juicy. out door - Full moon events starting in May.

We need things for our head and our hearts to look forward to. We need to remind each other face to face that offline, real shit in real time is where it's at. In the meantime, if you need a pep talk or an energy audit, I've been slowly working one on one's back into my practice as my energy allows. And that's just between us. If no one else has told you today, i want to make sure that I do - YOU ARE DOING GREAT,

I know shit really sucks but keep your head up and keep going. I see you and I feel your aching, tired heart. I hope we can hug it out soon. All my love-M

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