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Spring's Halloween!

Updated: Apr 30, 2023

Today is a good time to kick it with your magick.

Beltane Eve. (4/30) also known as Walpurgis or Hexennacht. In Eastern Europe, it's considered springs Halloween! - a time to honor your inner witch or reactivate your dormant witch self and communicate with/honor the ancestors.

Read a beautifully detailed history of Walpurgis Night from the Witchery Arts, it's traced origins and how it differs from Beltane here.

Speaking of BELTANE is TOMORROW! Here's a link for recipes and loving explanation of the holiday if you're new to idea, thought or ritual. We will be celebrating this high holy day - May Day (Beltane) May 1st, 6pm at The Deck on High Street (unless it rains then we will move to The Dimmick Memorial Library). We will celebrate with flowers, a fire meditation and of course a sound bath. And! There are rooms available at The High Street Guest House if you'd like to stay the night and really make it a mini self-love vacay. Contact JEFF and tell him you're attending the Sound bath. Finally, (sqeeee!) for the new moon in August, just after the Lions Gate portal will be R3! Kicking off with a New Moon Circle feature Conjured Soap Company where we will set an intention and infuse it into a scent! So to say that I'm pretty excited about the The 10th Annual Summer retreat is an understatement. The site is up. Tickets are up. If you buy accommodations you need to purchase discounted weekend passes for you and those in your party. Tentative schedule is up! This event has matured into a beautiful experience, and I really can't wait to share it with you. All my love.


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