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Release Justice to the Gods

Something in life happened or is happening that isn't fair. You're may be feeling stuck in distrust. Whatever it is you feel a loss in the faith in the universe. This means....

You're human. Justice is often a situation that is not for humans to handle. If you need the situation addressed go to a crossroads after midnight and leave an offering of High John The Conqueror root, a bit of cypress oil and graveyard dirt. Take a piece of chalk, draw a circle around the bag lay a feather on top and say. Ma'at, I petition you, pass your judgement on -_____________ if justice is done, then I am done.

But if his heart weighs more than a feather,

lay down your sentence swiftly across all time, space, dimensions and reality. Write the person's name around the outside of the circle and walk away never to look back.

If you are not familiar with Ma'at I've linked a historical description for your furthered knowledge. XO - M

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