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This Weeks Tarot Reading

We are rolling into the week of December 21st with conscious connections and meaningful relationships (to ourselves and others) on our minds and in our hearts.

The Lovers have arrived to elevate and highlight your souls connection(s) with a loved one(s).

In a romantic relationship: You may believe you've found your life partner, & the intense chemistry between you both goes way beyond instant gratification and lust to something very spiritual, almost Tantric. Honor it. Keep the fire lit and lift each other up.

In a friendship: The Lovers card can also represent a very close friendship or a significant family bond where love, respect and compassion flow harmoniously. Honor it. Continue to lift this person up.

As you move through this week, I want you to think open communication, raw & vulnerable honesty. The man & woman in this card are naked, sensitive and present to each other with wide open their hearts, sharing their truest feelings. This is the container from which trust and confidence can emerge, making for a powerful bond. By communicating openly and honestly with those you care about, you will create a harmonious and fulfilling relationship built on trust and respect. If your relationships are strained and/or communication is challenging: come back to the reason this person is in your life. Do you love them unconditionally? Will this moment pass? Bring love and compassion to the person/situation. You may realize you've grown apart, that your relationship is peppered by arguments and a lack of respect. That's ok too. It's time to let go and that's part of your truth. Honor yourself and do what is best for you both.

On a deeply personal level, meaning YOU & YOU, get clear about your soul's values and beliefs. Figure out what you stand for, what your personal philosophy is. It’s time to be you in the big wide world staying true to who you are and being authentic and genuine in all your endeavors. The Aquarian Age needs you to be fully YOU. Who do you want to be in this life? How you connect with others - and on -what level? What will you stand for? What won't you stand for? To make good life choices, you need to be crystal F'n clear about your personal beliefs and values & stay true to them. Not all decisions will be easy of course. And The Lovers card is often a sign you're facing a moral/ethical dilemma and must consider all consequences before acting. Your values are being challenged, and you're called to take the higher path. Do not carry out a decision based on fear/worry/ guilt or shame. Choose love: love for yourself, love for others and love for the Universe. Choose the best version of yourself.

The Lovers card encourages you to unify dual forces. Two parts that are in opposition to one another can create something ‘whole’, unified and harmonious. In every choice, there's an equal amount of advantage & disadvantage, opportunity and challenge, positive and negative. When you accept these dualities, you build the unity from which love flows.

THE GREAT CONJUNCTION. Here's a vid about what's happening in the stars/sky. + + +

From my heart - I can't say thank you enough for all of your well wishes, your notes, and prayers during this crazy, amazing, wild time of Covid. I'm really overwhelmed in a good way from all the love and it's been a wild form of connection and medicine that is keeping me going. The days have been a roller coaster. I am deeply grateful - beyond simple written words. Thank you. THANK YOU. Thank YOU. Please have a beautiful, blessed week and happy holidays to you and your loved ones. XO


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