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This weeks reading.

When spirit speaks, I listen. So I pulled two cards from The Wild Animal Unknown deck. Let's dive in shall we?

The Crow - a long standing symbol of magic, whose personality is drawn to the supernatural and has a gift for seeing the unseen & knowing the unknown. The crow holds within it's mind's eye the three realities: past, present and future. Crow energy is potent and should only be tapped when the mind is clear. So balance your diet, tap into laughter and joy and engage in regular self study.

Tarantula - stands at a crossroads claiming life's purpose. This is a moment when you have to make a grand decision. And yes, you must prioritize your life's deeper purpose, or dharma. Tarantula wants you to look at a habit or routine that is sidetracking you from your dream and becomes the voice inside that reminds you, no begs you to refocus your attention. In order to find true happiness, you must choose dharma. Until you do, satisfaction will be fleeting. The tarantula hovers, patient and calm, like an old friend that knows your inner soul. It also already knowns you'll choose wisely.

Use your intuition. Don't hesitate or over illectualize. To help, write or journal everything.

When we combine the two animal energies, one could translate that you should keeping a clear head and heart in an effort to tap into any and all of the magic that you will ultimately need to make the decision, to move the mountain in an effort to full embrace and embody your dharma (personal mission or purpose). Whoosh. Let me know how that resonates for you. As always, Zoom Classroom Yoga Wednesday at 6pm. Please RSVP by Wednesday at noon. And finally I have two spaces left for Witches High Tea, Sunday November 1st at 11am. Magical tea, CBD infused sugar and honey from Rachel's Rations, prizes from Conjured, Crystals from Within Harmony, baked treats from Bramble & Hive, Heavenly Macarons and my dear friend Connie Hoffman. DM ME ASAP. XO - MG

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