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This weeks intuitive practice.

3 cards. Beautiful design from The Dream Will Come True Tarot Deck. Get lost in the imagery.

Think of what's on your mind the most.

Left hand over heart. Deep breath in. Which card calls to you the most? Let's go.





Did you pick one?

Or perhaps you want to Past, Present, Future your question - that's an option to - if that's the path you choose

then you can read them left to right.

But again, just an option.

Now the reveal.

The World You're invited to reflect on your journey thus far, honor your achievements, and tune into your spiritual lessons. Celebrate your successes & your goals brought to fruition. Triumphs and tribulations transformed you into the wiser, more potently stronger and experienced person you are NOW. GRATITUDE, when you wake, before you eat and before you dream my dear friend, for what you have created and harvested. It will bring you even more blessings.

Note: You're cultivating electricity and power by honing in on the energy of celebrating your journey. So don’t rush into the next big project. This kind of high vibration absorption is best when you get completely immersive with it. Both the feelings and energy will set you up for success when ready for your next challenge.

Think of it as a powering up! Enjoy it body, mind and spirit while you can.

Not there yet? Well, stay in it. Keep going. If you haven't quite reached completion, please know that you're so close! What to consider: You may need an additional (lesson) of understanding to graduate to a higher level and embody, wholeheartedly; success. Remember previous experiences. Acknowledge how far you've come & the lessons along the way. Deep Breath. Breath that all in. Meditative and ritualistic reflection may also be what you need to bring your project to its final stages. If you need a witch's guide hit me up.

If loose ends are bugging you, The World card summons you to do the big C - bring them to completion. Why? In doing so, the space for new opportunities will emerge.

Temperance Remain calm, even when life is chaos. What can you do to maintain an even temperament and/or manage your emotions now? Yes, I'm talking directly to you. Have you learned to to not let little things burn your ass yet? If so, then be sure to give thanks to your seemingly abundant source of patience. If not, well then your respect for balance and tranquillity will help you achieve and experience fulfilment.

Temperance says: Take the middle path and accommodate all perspectives. Do not be highly opinionated or controversial. Be the peacekeeper with a steady, moderate approach. Avoid extremes. Be inclusive. Bring together diverse groups of people to create harmony and cooperation. Working together means you will collectively light the right mix of talents, experiences, abilities and skills.

There is so much alchemy within Temperance. Blend, mix and Combe diverse elements in a way that creates something new and even more valuable than its separate parts. ‘This’ can take many forms; for example, a blended family, an artist who blends different materials or techniques, a bartender who mixes new and exciting cocktails, or a chef who combines different cuisines and cooking styles. Long term sighted? Then definitely don't rush things along. Time will ensure you do the best job you can. Employ a moderate, guided approach to reach your goals.

Finally, this card = higher learning. You're learning a great deal where you are now and are at peace with what you are doing – it is all coming together well.


The Justice card is a positive sign that it will served. Part of a legal case or awaiting final judgement (or poll counts) from the courts or a governing body or institution? Welp, a ruling/ decision will be passed shortly. Sweetie, once it's is made, accept it & move on; No second chances in this cosmic soup love.

Long-ter m repercussions are in your face. The impact your decision/s will have on your own well-being and the actual well-being of others. Choose wisel. Connect with your intuition. Ask for the answer that's most in alignment with the highest good of ALL. NOTE: You'll be held to account for your decisions. Ask yourself, “Do I stand by my choices and accept the consequences of my actions?” If you can't, dig deep into the shadows til you find where you can stand in integrity & strength.

At its core, Justice is exploring your truth. Discover that things are not as clear-cut as you thought. Dip into the murky waters (shadow work) and explore what truth means to you. Be consciously aware of what you believe to be true and what you believe to be fair and ethical. Challenge yourself to explore new territories of your belief system.

Some other fun thoughts for the week. The astrology is the lightest most hopeful I've heard in a while. Don't take my word for it - Jessica will tell you on Ghost of A Podcast.

And while you're having a great week - check this out, my other girl Jessica Dervin Ackerman Is doing. For starters it's a heck of a job being an kick ass human being.

Finally, the spiritual meaning of throwing your back out is: Unless you are exploring the deeper emotional and psychological roots of back pain, you are missing an opportunity to heal. HA!

Bye for now.

XO - M

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