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This weeks cards & A Samhain Ancestor ritual.

What's on your mind? Besides a lot? What's the thing that you need to see some movement on? Think about it. Hand over heart. Take a deep breath. Here come the cards. Which one are you drawn to for a message about the situation? Let's go.





Did you connect?

Did you feel it?

Let's do the reveal?






Right to Left....From the Lioness Oracle Tarot Deck

FOUR OF WANDS Celebrate the good things in life. Count blessings. And if you get stuck - even if you feel unsure - or mad - ask yourself - should I be mad at a (x) if (x) is a blessing? You may giggle and realize - that the thing you're stuck on actually IS one. Can you get a few friends together and make a toast? Break bread? You may have a milestone to celebrate or should? Happiness is right there if you choose. Gratitude friend. Gratitude.

KING OF WANDS You are stepping into the rose of a visionary leader, read to direct your people towards a common goal. You have a clear vision & know you're manifesting that vision with the support of those around you. Others gravitate towards you naturally because you're charismatic, focused and determined and they believe in you - one hundred percent. There's also an opportunity for you now, do you want to take on the challenge? The determining factor is - so if you want it - get after it. THE MOON

Don't project your fear into the present now - or your future based on the past. (Or our past) It's easy to say right? Especially with everyone going on. Deal with the painful memory if it makes a reappearance. HEAL IT. The moon is uncertainty and illusion. Nothing is what it seems so make sure you have all of the information before you come to a conclusion, or fly off the handle. Perhaps feel into the situation before you try to think about what it means. Easy on the negative self talk now. You don't deserve it and don't project any trash ideas on to anyone else. Got it?

OK, now for something a little - Holidayish - from my soul to yours.

Speaking with The Ancestors Tarot Ritual. Tools you will need: a notebook, pen, white candle, your fave traditional tarot deck, pictures or jewelry of loved ones past on. Make the space sacred. You will need 30 minutes minimum.

Meditate. Set your intention, to communicate with spirits in your ancestral lineage that are awoke, willing and in alignment with your intention.

Light a white (welcoming & protective candle) Pull the Death card. and place it somewhere as if you were speaking through it. Pull a card for the following questions. Go slow. Write down whatever flows to & through you now.

1) What is my ancestral mission on my mother's side of my lineage? 2) What challenges am I here to transform on the behalf of this lineage? 3) What blessings am I here to carry on on their behalf? 4) What gifts are my awakened ancestors providing me right now to achieve this mission? Do the entire 4 card/ questions again for your father's side of your family.

This ritual is good if you are working on your psychic mediumship skills and/or if you'd like to open the communication barrier between the material & spirit realms while it's Samhain/ All Souls day. I wish you the very best at this moment and in this life. I wish you all the pleasure and bliss. I wish you beauty and creativity.

I wish you magic and happiness.

Blessed Samhain.


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