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This weeks card reading.

How many cups for us? 8 of em!

There's a certain kinda feeling in the air. With it, you may feel the need to walk away from an unsavory or disappointing situation. It could also mean you will be turning your back on an unfulfilling relationship, job, living arrangement or project that was once a source of happiness to you but now seems to be a shit storm. And yes, you've invested yourself - all of you - emotionally, physically, maybe even spiritually, but now, despite your best efforts, you keep waking up disappointed. The 8 is infinity. Energy keeps moving. This card is telling you that it's ok if your choice is to put the thing, person, situation behind you and move on with your life, even if it brings you sadness as you say goodbye.

The Eight of Cups card suggests something is missing and you sense it & instead of waiting around for things to get better, you know you need to leave. And sure it may not make sense to others because on the face, it looks as if you have everything you had wished for – but, deep down, you know it’s not serving your Highest Good, and it’s time for you to move on.

This card can also be a sign that you're trying to escape a really Sh*t emotional situation or that you're avoiding some major psychological issues and concerns. The Cups in the foreground represent emotional issues that remain real and present in your life, yet you're refusing to deal with them. You may be repressing your emotions or refusing to have open conversations with others about what’s happening, avoiding the scene altogether. There's a name for it in certain circles and it's called Spiritual or emotional bypassing. The more you do this, the more the thing itself will continue to show up in your life. Ask yourself: what brings you joy? What makes you content on a deeper level. These are the questions that will light your souls fire. If feel ..lost, start there. Break out your journal or buy a brand new one. Reflect and realign your goals with your values as a jumping off point to get into what your soul really knows about being here, alive - now. + + + + + + + + What's News?+++++++++++++

The last two weeks have been incredible. The Esoteric Adventure Retreat was a huge success and the venue is booked for next year! I'll be posting pop up classes to keep us walking between worlds very soon. This past weekend I indulged in Yin Yoga Teacher Training with a small group of beautiful women at Tribe Yoga Center and I'm over the moon with what I learned and experienced. I look forward to sharing more with you to deepen your practice of mindfulness, yoga & meditation. My friends, summer is slowly coming to a close and while this is crushing news to some, I love the possibility of harvest season & the opportunity to stay in community despite the shift of time and weather. Here are new dates for Yoga on the Deck.

Wednesday 9/2 Luna Sub Rosa Full Moon via Zoom Workshop

6pm. $20. Also now taking pre orders for Autumn Equinox meditation candles ($15).

Venmo @Michelle-Gallagher-18

Finally, I want to take a moment to expand a bit on my current one on one offerings. Sacred Possibilities was born out of the need to help you create a safe space and a deep connection to your divinity especially if you are feeling a bit disconnected or if you're coming through a life change, about to make one or have the need to bump up your own magic in your daily life because let's face it, these are auspicious times. Our current reality calls for more than our usual spiritual tasks and polite asks of our higher power. So the first offering you will see on is A Mighty Petition. This is a sacrosanct container which includes the following elements:                          A 20 min. virtual prayer assessment. You & I will set a time together and dial it in via FaceTime, Zoom or Skype to uncover your goals, needs or big ask. This is where I tune into your hearts call and formulate a plan for us to work together. Energy Audit/ Daily ritual. You will send me a detailed break down of your day. Then, I will meditate and ask our guides the best to ways to make your day to day routine more sacred, more holy so that your energy shifts, your heart lifts and there is more light and joy in your life.

1 hour prayer devoted to & for you. Your petition on my altar with reverence. Here I will sing, chant, pray and/or channel a message from your guides for one hour. Prayer candle. Poured and curated just for you, I've chosen to work with soy (better for the earth) & recycled glass to fuse your intention. If you're local, you can pick up the candle within a week (it needs time to set.) or it's sent USPS to you. You'll also receive a hand written copy of your prayer; the pathway for your intention and for you to create a deeper personal devotion. I know this isn't the service you are used to me providing and that's ok. But truth is, we are all changing. Everything on our planet is transforming rapidly and with so much pressure, the same ole magic isn't going to work. We're being called to show up in life and with each other in a more engaging way.

Through much contemplation and even more hours in litany & meditation, I've heard the call of Spirit. This deep reverence, is the way forward. I'm excited to work with you in this sacred capacity, helping you create & elevate your prayers and to continue to serve you, spirit and the global community in this solemn way.

Please let me know if you'd like to schedule a virtual assessment for your Mighty Petition.

I am honored & to serve you.

In love and in grace,


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