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There's a little Witch in all of us.

Aunt Jet - Practical Magic, 1998

Just a quick note - I've been M.I.A- crafting, planning, putting gift bags together - then flew on a jet plane for a family emergency to Florida. Did you know, I loathe that place?

The chaos energy there is palpable to say the least, but I dug deeper in my spiritual practice to not blow away.

Onward.... There will be a card pull this weekend.

There will be magic wands and dream makers (not catchers) healing poppets (not voodoo dolls), jewelry and more at Lansford Moonlight Market - Saturday from 5-8. I'm excited to share my art and beauty with you.

And for the grand October finale of course, The Witches High Tea - Saturday 10/29 5pm. Tickets are still available, Doors close this Sunday so that everyone who is baking, preparing food will have a proper head count in preparation for the most deliciousness. OH! and so I have enough gift bags. $50 gift cards to Eshakti, jewelry, tea & more. I'm a sucker for a Samhain celebration - especially a Practical Magic themed one as you know, and I love what I do - to get to celebrate with you is a dream. Did I mention crystal bingo? We've got cool prizes from Within Harmony, A star shaped crystal-like Gary Hallets - that saved the day from the ghost of Jimmy Angelov. PS - will, be you dressing as one of the Aunties? I'm all about the kimono's baby. Are you coming? How can we get you to the Dimmick House?

Finally, warm and wild welcome to all the new site members. Give a shout & let me know where you're checking in from. It would totally make my day. And of course, if you have questions or want to drop a line - hit me at Stay magic baby.

Love always - MG

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