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The Rule of 3 & Tea & Tarot for $$

I hope you're having a delicious VENUS-DAY. Here's a vintage photo of me in love with MUSTARD for your amusement. A bitter affair I must say.

If you're an astrologer or tarot reader and you'd like to 1) make some money Samhain weekend and 2) spend some time at the most glorious Victorian Italianate located in the heart of downtown Jim Thorpe for the Witches' High Tea, complete with the most fantastic women and delicious treats, please reach out so we can open up the lines and explore this opportunity.

Next, topic.... The Rule of 3. Do you know it? Do you abide by it? Where did you first learn about it and how has it affected the way you walk in the world in terms of your own spirituality?

Forgive me. Wow! That's a lot of questions. But I am deeply curious because most recently, on a trip Salem during the anniversary of the Witch trials I unraveled 2 additional historic Witch-facts in study. 1) Witchcraft transcends Wicca. Wicca is a form of "religious belief" centered around Witchcraft. 2) Within Wicca, lives the Threefold Law that was a fictional concept written in the Novel High Magic's Aid by Gerald Gardner a modern founder of Wicca.

Have you ever considered that at its core and as with most "religious", manmade rules - The Threefold Law is oppressive? While it's nice to consider, especially for those of us who err on the side of wanting to be good, it does bring concern to those of us who are in situations with dark entities or people, with those of us who need to defend ourselves or our loved ones from actual harm by paralyzing us with fear that if we do something out of alignment we will inherently be punished for it. Q: This fear subsequently benefits ....? A: The oppressor. And it's dusty with roots in like, Old Testament, Bible. For those of us recovered from that brutal, war inciting book, and some form of Christianity - it's the same song and dance, right? A vengeful and all-seeing deity affecting our perception of justice and karma (especially over women) since the story of Eve. But, in my thirst & quest for knowledge, I've also done a deep dive into Doreen Valiante two years ago and realized Gardner as with most religious 'guru's' per say - could very much be a narcissistic and controlling ass.

Valiante on the other hand is one of the most prolific & courageous modern Witches. With all that being said, how can we foster a new understanding of something that's been ingrained in modern writings/teachings? Can we wrap our brains around a new understanding of the Threefold Law—one that aligns with our unique personal values and convictions?

Originally, The Threefold Law actually offered valuable insight - that when blessed with success or privilege, it is our responsibility to recognize the role our privilege played and to use it to uplift others. With this perspective we can use magick to serve as a powerful tool for dismantling structural oppression & privilege.

A new and perhaps more correct view of this "Law" empowers us to make choices aligned with our well-being and the greater good. With it, we can discern when to employ magick as a potent tool for positive change especially in today's socio, economic & political climate. And honestly, I'm really ready to use magick to fight Nazi's (Like Doreen!). But I digress. With this new shift in perspective now at the forefront of our practice, we can also very much, craft our magickal journey guided by our natural inner wisdom and compassion and not some manmade rule.

(NOTE: I'm not calling for the immediate, actual hexing and dark magic charms against any person that pisses you or I off. This isn't a license to ill will per say. There's a great deal of discernment that needs to be employed with sending energy back. or doing the work that isn't "light" and if you have questions and need to hash it out, let's by all means do it).

Deep breath. Does this feel uneasy when you read it?

Personally, I found it liberating but at the same fucking frustrating. Because perhaps with this knowledge I could have fought harder or differently for justice, \ personally and locally. But another platitude that comes to mind to ease me out of the frustration is - 'everything happens right on time'. (FFS).

So with both feet on the ground, all elements summoned and ancestors on call, I'd like to, from this moment forward reclaim my power (and yours!) from the threefold law and embrace the forward thinking, future - positive change this new knowing has to offer. All my love - M

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