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The Evolution of The Summer Retreat/ R3 & FAQ'S.

Updated: Jun 10, 2022

Over the last seven years, Venus Rising's annual summer event has changed. It had been born from spiritual classes I taught in the container of Esoteric Adventure which then morphed into The Red Tent, a women's gathering of ancient spiritual tradition largely inspired by my womb's reaction to the Handmaid's Tale and a way for women to sit together in prayer and suffering. From there was born a more inclusive event Eat Play Love, a lighter, more playful way to approach the totality of wellness as I started to struggle with the term "wellness" in and of itself. I had attended several spiritual trainings and retreats which left me with more of an existential crisis rather than any of the benefits they touted in their grandiose marketing claims. And the exclusivity of spirituality or a specific yoga and holding just women's events was confining. So, the transformation occurred to my current offering,

So, like can I not make up my mind on my brand or what? First, I'd like to say I don't really have a "brand". I know it's an 'influencer' thing and the thing to do for social. I do have a pretty cool logo though.

Venus Rising is an artistic and spiritual umbrella concept with LOVE at the center of all things I create and do which is most def - not the norm. In my big fat rebel heart, I'm an artist. that's the only label that truly fits if I do say so myself. But more importantly, I'm a person whose spiritual, physical and humanness - is and has expanded not just through the world's events over time, but of my own continued education, introspection, reflection and growth. For those of you who have known me over the years, you know this to be true. And I'd like to think I'll continue on the path of seeking wisdom through education and life experience until I'm toast because I fully want to believe that we as a species are constantly evolving, changing, discovering, transforming and it's something that I take very seriously as an artist and a soul having a spiritual experience inhabiting a human body.

So, for now, HI! It's just me, author and creator of R3 out here doing the work & wanting to present the very best of what I can offer to and for you - in and through that. I've hired a handful of hosts who I trust and in alignment with the R3 vision. And jeez, if surviving the last two years alone has taught me anything, it's rest and health take much priority over "branding' or perfection in marketing. Our bodies mind and soul need rest. WE need to recharge. WE need a release from the barrage of incessant information, trauma, grief we're experiencing as a whole and individually on a day to day basis as we continue to move forward in shared time and space on this planet. I mean...RIGHT? Can I offer you a howling full moon circle? Yes. Should we meditate to calm the F down? Oh yeah. And I'm so happy to help you with that. Would you like to get in touch with your spirit guides, it's my pleasure and honor to assist you using all of my experience and training.

I love creating. I am a creative.

Most of all, I love gathering people together so that something good, and powerful and juicy happens-on their own terms - for the good of all.

My current summer offering - R3 as an experience or opportunity holds all of that in one very special outdoor space The Deck at The High Street Guest House. I invite you to ask any questions you may have about any of the hosts participating or workshops to choose from. Ask me questions about the space and why I keep choosing it for my offerings.


+R3 is a BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat) event.

+None of the workshops or classes are mandatory. Everything's an offering, at your own pace - a choose your own adventure. There's even time built in for massage, tarot readings and naps!

+Food is not provided. Plan for your meals accordingly. Light snacks provided.

+There will be water filters to refill your water bottles on site. The High Street Guest House Deck is located on High Street in Jim Thorpe. The deck is built in the side of a mountain. There are several sets of stairs to get to the main location. These steps are through the woods or the property 189 High Street. +Because this is an outdoor event plan for sun, bugs and your needs accordingly. +Journals/notebooks pen/pencils are a great idea if you're attending workshops. +Carpooling is strongly encouraged as parking in Jim Thorpe is at a premium. There are a few parking spots on site unless you booked accommodations with parking. +Indemnification forms are required to sign for your participation. +Camping on site is not permitted. For a peek at the current schedule & more about the R3 hosts click here.

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