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Summer Retreat: Meet the Yogis

What is yoga? A generic google search could a definition that says this: Yoga is derived from the Sanskrit word “yuji,” meaning yoke or union. It's an ancient practice that brings together mind and body. It incorporates breathing exercises, meditation and poses designed to encourage relaxation and reduce stress. Ok. Got it. It's for sure all of those things, in black and white. But in experience and expression, it's so much more. I know personally that yoga can mean different things to different people and of course there are many different forms, teachings of it to boot. For me, Yoga is an opportunity to learn more about myself and my own capabilities. It's a moment in time that I can be at one with me and listen to the wisdom my body hs to offer. Yoga has been an integral part of the summer retreat since the event's inception. Our instructors each have their own philosophies & knowledge to share so that perhaps you can deepen your practice or strengthen the meaning of - What is yoga is to you? Each class and or yogic workshop is ALL LEVELS. And now, let me introduce you to the women of the R3 retreat, who I love taking yoga with.

Meet Rachel.

Rachels instruction is based on the belief that the body is a living temple of radiant power, an intelligent design She will show you that working with that intelligence in yoga poses supports our bodies stability, mobility and balance of the energy body raising our consciousness or as some like to call it "vibing higher". Saturday August 19th and Sunday August 20th, Rachel will be instructing. Align & Vibe a morning Hatha Yoga class to get your mind and vibe right in alignment. You can learn more about Rachel here. Have you met Kara yet?

Kara believes that holding space for one another is the most beautiful and authentic gifts of yoga and with that, she's got you covered! Kara will be hosting a yogic workshop, The Understanding of Intention and utilizing it into an "I-focused, active, present-time" intention to enable in our lives on a daily basis. Through Yoga Nidra, Kara will demonstrate the opportunity to embed your personally curated intention within a nest of gratitude and peace in our spirits.

Join Kara for this Yoga Nidra workshop Saturday August 20th. In the meantime, get to know her better here.

And I'm sure you know Christina.

who is joining us for her second summer retreat! Christina's passion is helping you find balance in life through yoga both on and off the mat and she shares movement as medicine so that you bend, not break through life's inevitable twists and turns. Christina will be teaching a beautiful Vinyasa class Friday morning, August 18th. You can follow Christina and learn more about her and her work here.

And have we met? Hi, I'm Michelle.

I've been teaching meditation (and metaphysical workshops) for over a decade and hosting the summer retreat at the High Street Guest House Deck for just as long. I'm keen on cultivating imagination and intuition as an art through breath work & visualization. If you've attended the summer retreat before I want to personally thank you and invite you back for another amazing, fun filled event. If you haven't spent time in the serene cover of laurels on the deck of the guest house, I'm inviting you to experience this amalgamation of self-care, play and respite that you not only need but deserve. Come recharge with us and re-create a life that is both intention filled and magical with us.

Get tickets to the event and book your accommodations here. Please note that accommodations and event tickets are separate. If you have any questions, please email me at Have a great and beautiful week! - Michelle

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