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So, WTF is Financial Wellness?

Is it The Law of Attraction? Not quite. Is it making six figures as an online spiritual influencer? Oh shit no. But if you are that and you're living it up - good for you!

But realistically, Financial Wellness is the ability to look at your monetary comings and goings, your emotional spending patterns, your actual beliefs about money and where you got them from as well as your account balances and developing a budget that gets you to a place that feels like wealth to you. Can you pray over that process? Absolutely. Does it help? I think so.

But so is digging deep and actually doing the math and developing a healthy relationship with the green stuff. That is the best way I can describe it because that's what I've done, finally after years of magical thinking and trying to money miracle my way out of the poor business decisions I'd made. Connie Hoffman helped me. Connie Hoffman is a local Financial coach.

Connie's vision to create a world where people are educated with the basics of finances. She is a guiding support, helping people to take control of their money and stop letting it control them, especially today! Connie lives her vision by helping others come clean with their finances and shift their relationship with money. Which if you're someone who says "I hate money" & struggle to pay your bills than this class is absolutely for you.

Connie & I talk more about the financial healing journey she took me through on an episode of Orphic Frequency. It's pretty vulnerable but do you know me to be any less? Click here to listen. Meet Connie and take her Financial Wellness workshop at R3 in August. You can get a Saturday day pass and enjoy all the events included on 8/13. ** Jason Brown's R3 Play Workshop has moved to Sunday 8/14 at 11am**

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