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Self care in deep transitional times.

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

Venus is in retrograde. As of Saturday.

And the planet of LOVE herself has been in the sign of LEO since June 5th. Real talk? You may feel like your the main charachter in an unpaid Rom-Com during the writers strike. So it's going to be a great time to take a time out.

Make sure you set reminders on your phone of the important (and maybe the mundane stuff) so you don't forget them when your dodging ex loevers and friends. And as I've politely reminded my FB group, Magick Babes, heavy on the self compassion and forgiveness please.

The Venus retrograde period ends September 3rd. And I want to point out that sometimes retrogrades (especially the infamous Mercury) can seem wonky or scary but they don'to have to be. Consider that this is a very high, cosmic call to rest, recalibrate, rethink your work, your personal values and your intentions. Retrogrades are a time of RE's. Self care is a big, big part of this. There's a saying, "strength in numbers" so when you are in your self care practice, your yoga, meditation, journaling, dancing and/or 'time out' in nature - doing it in and with community can boost your healing, your creativity and awesomeness. Self care in community (aka community care) can get you clarity and support ways you may not have accessed on your own. This energizes the space and time around you & continues the vibration out to the world. Now, I'm not saying you can't do your own self care thing and it have the same butterfly effect. However, during this Venus Retrograde, we have the unique opportunity to come together through clarifying our intentions in a new moon circle, healing through sound and playful workshops. The meditations and yoga spaces are self care based and although I do not want time to speed up, I certainly can not wait until The R3 Summer Retreat to spend this space and reality with you. August is like a sunday - the final month of summer. It's the time to squeeze the last drop of sun, and fun time before the hustle and bustle of the school year, before the holiday season ramps up and we get caught up in all the things again. It's an invitation for you to sit with us, to bend, stretch, breath and recreate how you want to live your day to day. It's a time to rejuvenate if you've been batteling with things spiritual, mental or physical. It's a space to rest. We need rest.

This is a video of Jason Brown's Play Workshop. SO MUCH FUN!

If you have questions or you are curious about the event, especially for the people who are new to this space & me - (WELCOME by the way!) I am so happy to have you here! Please know I'm not only a wealth of information on our practicioners, massage, yoga, sound, etc but also on Jim Thorpe itself. I've designed this retreat to give you ample time seek out adventure in town and have partnered with Pocono White Water Rafting to bring everyone who buys an All Access Pass to the retreat a Passport to Adventure from them good for a bike, river or skirmish advenure.

Tickets are limited and are available now. All Access weekend passes get you the bonus Passport from Pocono White Water.

You can drop in a class or create your own adventure as you see fit.

I'm excited to share this auspicious time and place with you, nestled in the Flagstaff Mountain at the High Street Guest House in Jim Thorpe.

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