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Samhain & NOvember ritual(s).

Spirits of the 3D's departed walk the earth now. Echos of our loved ones whisper with the wind, their laughter scatters the leaves. Man is is windy! You can see shadows of other worlds under streetlights in certain angles and the comings and goings from them through the open doors ring the neighbors wind chimes like incessant doorbells, day and night.

It's important to mind your own energetic imprint and well as your output now.

Taking time for ritual is self care. Your spiritual and mental health/wellness are crucial as we slip into the harsh winter months. A good witch takes inventory of what she's learned, and how. She makes note of who and what she's grateful for. She torches the things that no longer serve her to be better human being.

This weekend, if you haven't already.... Adorn your altar or sacred space appropriately with: pictures of ancestors, artists, loved ones that have gone beyond the veil. Seasonal gourds, perhaps some soil from the earth, and of course your favorite candles and crystals. Communicate. Consider writing a letter those who you want to commune with, an invitation to speak your truth in gratitude. If you are going deep in #Scorpio season & working with your shadow, let the truth, no matter what it looks/feels like out - the pain and shame- but still thank the guides for being security guards during the ethereal exchange & clearing.

Cemetery & Graveside honoring.

If you feel so compelled, visit the final resting place of an ancestor. Ancestors = people from your familial or cultural lineage (artists, writers, heroes). Tend to it. Leave offerings. People used to go to these sites and picnic so don't be afraid to sit and meditate. Just give yourself a full energetic clearance once you leave. * Note *If you should visit a place where there are unquiet spirits, go with the intention of bringing healing, witness, and honoring the experience of the dead.

Spiritual Hygiene. Clear away what you do not wish to bring with you into the container and space of winter on the physical and emotional realms. Seriously. Take the time. Put away shoes, clothing, and stuff you don’t need. As you do, think of what you need to release from the last 6 months. Clean your whole house. Burn herbs. Say prayers. Salt on the thresholds of your doors. Only those with loving intentions are allowed in.

Record the journey. A porthole to the otherworld is our dreams. Right now we have more access to the realms of the unconscious to hear the voices of spirit. We can ask questions and get answers. Keep a journal near your bed and write what you see and where you've been. Feel compelled to draw and recreate your dreamscape into art? Have at it. Get creative.

Samhain ritual. Make a list of what you are truly grateful for since 10/31/2020. What have you learned? What are you excited to explore more? (hold on to this one..) On a separate list, take note - what do you need to let go of? What experiences do you need to forgive and let stay in the past? Anything you need to expel in your life - rip the paper or burn. The act of this is a banishing. You can say something to the tune of: I bless myself in pure love and light. I cleanse myself and release all thought forms, beings, situations and energies that are no longer of service to my highest and greatest good now - across all time, space, dimension and reality.

I ask that all energies less than love be immediately transmuted for the highest and good of all. And it is so.

Write your wishes for the next cycle of life. On the back of your gratitude list write what's next on your journey. Is it your dream job? Better health and wellness? A perfectly balanced or radical self love? Make sure you keep the intentions in a book, or an adorned box, a vision board or tucked in your pajama drawer to remind yourself - like a compass of what your desires are. Check in with them during upcoming moon cycles to see how you can use the lunation to illuminate your dreams into your reality. And for NO-vember... What can you, what should you say no to? No to network news - wow see how your sleep cycle changes. No more spending time with people who treat you like props? You may just see your anxiety drop. No to working more than 40 hours a week? Feel your jaw unclinch....

No to ignoring your health? The world is your oyster.

No to doom scrolling? Thank goddess.

No to ....YOU...FILL .IN THE ...BLANK. What NO's will lead you to more simplicity, more peace? If you're paying attention the astrology, we're going to need to ground in peace for the eclipses and transits coming. Just some food for thought.

Happy Sahmain. Happy Halloween. Happy New Year. Stay Magical, Michelle

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