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R3 Retreat Deets.

This schedule is tentative/ subject to change. Meals are not provided but light snacks/fruits/refreshments will be.

Journals will also be provided as gift with purchase.

Friday August 13th - 6pm.

Clearing/ Intention Setting/ Affirmation ceremony Saturday August 14th 9am -10:15 Yoga with Stacy Hein. 10:15-11:30 - Meditation/Breathwork 11:30-1 Lunch

1pm-2 Guided Meditation - Creation Space/ Journaling 2-5 Mindfulness/Silence / phones will be taken at this time & returned at dinner. Forestbathing/walkabout encouraged

5-6:30 Dinner

6:30 -? Fireside Forgiveness Session Sunday August 15th 9am-10:15 Yoga/Stacy Hein 10:15 -11:30 Guided Meditation/ Journaling 11:30 Intention setting for how to be in post retreat space.

You can buy a weekend or a Saturday day pass here.

Please email or call Jeff for accommodations here.

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