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Quarantine Apology

I was not myself. You were not yourself. We were not ourselves.

Everyone did what they believed was right. Everyone then, had a need to be right. To be heard, to be seen.

Damn lonely. We fell in a consumer based apocalyptic trap. Toilet paper, tainted meat, rancid media, mask or no mask, repeat. Qnan conspiracy snacks. Zoom meetings and tender 2019 flashbacks. We turned against each other online & at the check out counter.

I forgot who I was. You did too. Who am I? Who are you?

Who were we before 2020, before Covid and fighting about if it was just another flu? We were born of love to love. Ashes to ashes, Now it's all burning.

The world is turning The world is watching us like a unchecked Youtube doc being passed around and debated. Our indiscretions are catching up to us. So are the numbers, but everything is still being debated. I don't remember if it was 5G, anti-vax, anti - masks

or just over politicized shit

but it was some shit

and it came between you and me. And here we are.

With nothing left in common but everything in the natural order

is coming. We were born, we pay taxes and then....

and then...

To the death. To our death.

Father, forgive us because we know not We do not know

we forgot

just how the good parts go. Oh who am I and how did we get here? Will any of us survive? Forgive us

Forgive me.

Please forgive who we were in Quarantine.

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