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Nothing is Lost.

Story time. I loose everything. I'm talking since I was a young girl, misplacing all - the - things. My parents would spaz out because anything 'fancy' they bought me would basically be like throwing money out the window of a moving car. And they didn't have the money to spare! Years ago, doing psychic medium work, people would come to me to find lost rings, keepsakes, etc and because I was so unsuccessful at finding things in my own life, I felt a bit inadequate to even try (unless it was people, then I would most definitely try). I spoke of this to my mentor who I miss dearly, Arlene Duggan, telling her how frustrated I was living in a four story house, unable to locate my phone/keys without panic and running up and down the stairs like a bad 80's cardio workout. She told me to sit, breathe - calm my mind and say out loud or to myself:

NOTHING IS LOST IN THE EYES OF GOD. Implementing this practice, proved immediate results. I would see, in my minds eye exactly where the missing item was and go right to it like a hunting dog! I love when I share this story and clients, friends, family and then, tell me their success with it. Such was the case this morning. A love letter was lost from a deceased husband. The wife, distraught put my passed on sage advice into practice and found it within seconds. I felt compelled to share this with you today as you may need it with all the wobbly energy at this time. I'm mean, am I right? And whether or not you use the word, God/Goddess - Source - completely up to you. But please feel free to use it in good faith. All my love, M

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